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Square Enix CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto leaves company

Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Square Enix’s Chief Technology Officer, has left the company for what is so far only identified as personal reasons.

Hsahimoto worked as the technical director for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and manages the company’s Advanced Technology Division. One of his latest works was to head development of the new Luminous engine.

Part of the company since 2009, Hashimoto will continue to serve as technical adviser to Square Enix on both Final Fantasy XIV and Luminous.

Hashimoto’s replacement has not yet been determined, but reports indicate there are already well qualified persons taking on the positions until an official replacement can be hired.

Remi Driancourt will reportedly manage the Luminous team during the transition. Driancourt is a senior engineer who has worked on Agni’s Philosophy, Final Fantasy 14 and the upcoming Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy XIV’s lead programmer Hideyuki Kasuga will temporarily take on the role of technical director for Final Fantasy XIV.

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