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Starting Out: Days Gone Livestream on Twitch

Days Gone
Bend Studio
Part One – Hard Mode playthrough

I’m just relaxing and enjoying some game time while the weather outside is a frightful -24 F.

This is my second playthrough of Days Gone and covers the first 4 hours of play-time.

Also, I am sorry for the bad quality of the video, I have been assured that it is watchable, but I don’t have the best equipment to use for streaming, so it might have bad sections or issues.

Someday my equipment and internet will be better, hopefully I’ll be better at what I’m saying on mic by then as well.

Thank you for watching, I hope that you enjoyed getting a look at Days Gone with me. Take care and have fun in whatever game you’re playing.

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Days Gone was developed by SIE Bend Studio and is a Playstation exclusive title designed by Eric Jensen and using the Unreal Engine.

The game is set in Oregon, just after a viral outbreak reduced most of humanity to primitive-like “Freakers” that move in terrifying hoards at night, attacking and killing the few survivors who now huddle together in encampments or struggle to survive as drifters moving between the encampments.

Deacon St. John is a drifter and the main character of the story that follows the events of his life and includes flashbacks to his life before the viral outbreak.

Days Gone is well liked by those who enjoy exploration adventure games with intense combat scenarios and an in-depth story. It is less well recived by those who like to charge into a fight without proper preparation, since when taken on head-to-head the hoards can be a bit overwhelming and thus call for a more thought out approach to deal with them – especially early on in the game’s story.

Highly reccomended for those who enjoy stealth action adventure games with detailed story lines.

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