Mars Station One

Over the years I have worked off and on on making a science fiction story about the first manned outpost on Mars. This is a bit of a pet project of mine that goes back many many years and is, in a large part, very close to me on a personal level. I got my […]

Why Blender for 3D modeling?

I started using Blender many many years ago, long enough ago that to get an accurate date range I would have to dig through things a lot, but let’s just settle on I have been using it since before Elephant’s Dream was made, shall we? I think anyone familiar with the program can agree that’s […]

Playing with textures in Blender

I have got my UVs all done on LaVellen Engineering and have been toying a little with textures to see what I want to use on the shops. The model is nowhere near finished, even the modeling is not finished yet. At 15,282 I feel there are far to many tris on this model, most […]

3D Model LaVellen Engineering

I’ve been working for a little while on a new model that I have dubbed LaVellen Engineering. this is to be an old building that has been added onto over the decades to create an old shop with more modernized additions. The finished building is planned to have a sort of grunge steampunk feel to […]

3D Water Tower Under Construction

A sneak peak at a water tower I have been working on for the past few hours. I am still in the modeling stage with it, so there is a lot more to be added such as the chains to the spout arm and some roof shingles, but so far it is starting to look […]

Blender Object Material Error – Fixed.

Working on my model for a space ship corridor I decided to add a lighting panel to the overhead storage compartments. I made the rough version and put the light material into the light bars, then hit render to get a look at how it worked.

As you can see, I forgot to assign the […]

Fixed! Blender Moves in Large Increments when Moving Things

I had a new issue crop up in Blender his morning, one that left me confused and restarting the program, then searching for a solution online. When I grabbed one of the faces on my model to make a small adjustment to where it was positioned the area moved a full Blender Unit rather than […]

Learning how to use Cycles and Nodes in Blender

I’ve determined I need to learn how to use the Cycles and Nodes in Blender. To do this I am working on a spaceship corridor following the Blender Guru tutorial. After a few days of watching videos, poking about in the Nodes, and fussing with how Cycles renders things, I have created my first full […]

How to Successfully Scaling Multiple Objects Together in Blender 2.74

In working to fix my steampunk gun I tried to resize the gun. Unfortunately when I went to scale it up I encountered a serious issue. Each individual part of the gun scaled independently of one another and created sort of a exploded schematic effect if scaled down (a total mess if scaled up).


How to Fix Render Text Blur in Blender 2.74

I have had this serious problem in Blender for the last couple of days. I made a steampunk style handgun and then set out to apply a texture map to it to make it look good. The trouble was, no matter what I did it looked terrible when I asked Blender to create a rendering […]