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Mass Effect Andromeda goes on

After having finished Mass Effect Andromeda I was not expecting to have much left to do. I had a few things I had not yet completed, but to my pleasant surprise there seemed to be at least a couple of things that were not triggered until after the main story was finished. I am not […]

MAJOR SPOILER Mass Effect Andromeda: Kadaran

This post has a major spoiler for Mass Effect Andromeda in it, read on at your own risk!


Is Mass Effect Andromeda worth the cost?

So, I have been playing a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda and this has brought me back around to contemplating if the game was worth the cost. During the first few days of release there was a lot of upset around the Internet (even I was a little disappointed in aspects of the game). It […]

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Tips

Some advice about a few things I have found helpful in Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer. (some learned when playing earlier Mass Effect multiplayer’s and still true in Andromeda.)

Extraction: When the extraction phase begins stay away from the extraction pad until it is nearly time to leave. Between 30 and 50 seconds from the shuttle […]

Mass Effect Andromeda: Victory in Defeat

Early this morning I wrote about a battle I had got into where my companions were locked in another room and dead while I tried to solo an Ascendant. I am happy to report that I won the fight, I beat the cuss… and was then slaughtered by the four bad guys that had got […]

SOLVED: Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 stuck on black loading screen after cut scene

One of the first major things you do in Mass Effect is visit a certain world where you meet up with a new species called the Angara. Everything went smoothly for me, until the end of the first talk with the Angara where one of them joins my crew, then the game went into a […]

Spoiler / Solution: Mass Effect Andromeda – Task: Cultivation … plant location on Eos

I picked up a quest on the Nexus to help out with plant samples from around Andromeda, the Task: Cultivation for the Nexus Hydroponics lab. Goal is to go out and collect up 10 specimens for them. Easy enough, although I was kicking myself for having sold off all those seedlings I had gathered. Turned […]

First Impression: Mass Effect Andromeda

First impressions are vital. This is true whether you are meeting someone for the first time, making a new business contact, writing the first paragraph of a novel, or even writing the first sentence of an article. For video games the first impression many have is in the previews, and I was very impressed with […]

Electronic Arts is Making a Shift

EA has had some pretty rough times when it comes to consumer satisfaction, in fact, times have been so rough for the past few years that in 2013 EA was the first company to ever win the Consumerist’s Worst Company In America title two years in a row.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, says […]

Dragon Age: Inquisition

It all began with the return of the Darkspawn threat and the decisions made by one newly enlisted Grey Warden. Events unfolded more as we followed a family that had fled the threat in Fereldan and crossed the sea in search of a new life. While the darkspawn had been defeated, there were still things […]