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Scorpius Port


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R U A Girl?

I logged back into Resident Evil 6 for the first time in forever last night and had a difficult time of getting a co-op partner. It was not that there were no players on, I was happily surprised at the number of players on the game after how long it has been out. There was […]

Saints Row character – Rogue

This is Rogue, my character through Saints Row 2, Saints Row 3 and now… Saints Row 4.

Seen here in Saints Row 4 with the gold plated lever action sniper rifle and an explosion in the background.

Let me just say that I love the guys behind the game for giving me the chance to […]

Saints Row – from the streets to… the White House?

The 3rd Street Saints have come a long way. Starting out in Stilwater, the protagonist is caught in a war between three rival gangs, the Vice Kings, the Los Carnales, and the Westside Rollerz.

A victim of gang violence himself, the protagonist joins the 3rd Street Saints after they rescue him from being gunned down […]

Saints Row the Third

Released: November 15, 2011 Company: THQ Rating: Mature

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Saints Row the Third takes the leaders of the 3rd Street Saints out of their own city of Stilwater and to the city of Steelport. New gangs to fight are mixed in with the same brand of crazy […]



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