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R U A Girl?

I logged back into Resident Evil 6 for the first time in forever last night and had a difficult time of getting a co-op partner. It was not that there were no players on, I was happily surprised at the number of players on the game after how long it has been out. There was […]

Skyrim: Child Can’t Carry Gifts

I adopted Blaise, the kid outside Solitude who tends the animals for the folks that run the stables and sleeps in the stables, and Aleson, the kid that runs meals to the miners in Dawnstar and sleeps in corner behind entry door of the inn. Everything seems to be going fine, except I can not […]

Small Scale Adventuring in a Big Game

Something occurs to me this morning as I am busy with a hundred and ten things. Games such as Skyrim have a major bonus win over many of the other games out there. When you build a character in Skyrim and send them off on an adventure, you can go for hours, even days, adventuring […]

Earthquakes in Skyrim: Falkreath to Markarth

So, there seems to be an interesting event that one can encounter in Skyrim. When I first encountered the Skyrim earthquakes I was on my… errr… fourth playthrough? I think… Nyvere Teine the Nord thief… Tristan the Nord fighter… Ktah the Khajiit fighter… Tristan the Grey Warden (Yes, my Dragon Age character went off exploring […]

Skyrim: Dragonborn

Dragonborn has been out on the PlayStation 3for a week now and I have had some time to sit back and enjoy a few hours of mindless gaming fun. And it is fun. Hearthfire is out tomorrow, so if you have not yet picked up your copy of Dragonborn at half price – HURRY! It […]

Skyrim DLC hits PlayStation this month

It has been a long wait, but finally PlayStation owners will get the much anticipated downloadable content for Skyrim.

North American release dates for Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire are Febuary 13th for Dragonborn, February 20th for Hearthfire and Febuary 27th for Dawnguard. If that is not exciting enough, the first week of release will feature […]



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