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Scorpius Port


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Who is Vivian James?

Vivian James is a character created by the 4chan boards /v/ and /pol/ as a representation of ‘an average-looking teenage girl’ character to submit to The Fine Young Capitalists. According to the wiki “Vivian James has since become the de facto mascot of the GamerGate consumer revolt, and has had numerous pieces of fanart […]

Does power go to some people’s heads?

I was on PlayStation Home earlier, I’ve taken to hopping back into it lately just to check out the areas and see if there is anything new since I was last active there. I found a seat in a semi-secluded area near a dance floor and kicked back to relax for a bit. I’ve found […]

PlayStaion Home Stereotyping

I logged into PlayStation Home last night and found myself talking to a small group of people, they all slowly logged off or went to do other things until just me and one other person was there. He and I continued the idle conversations for a little while then he told me to ask him […]

Women Don’t Game

Or do they?

Somewhere along the line the stereotype of “gamer” came to be a socially awkward man living in his parent’s basement and playing video games. An online search online provides no clue as to where this notion came from and with no documentation for the source f the stereotype, the assumption is drawn […]

You are how old?

Last night someone on my PlayStation buddies list sent me a message asking what was up. I told them I was just taking a break to play a little Skyrim. This prompted the inevitable question of “What level are you?”

So, I listed my characters off. Three of them, around level 50 on each one. […]



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