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The Division 2: Version 1.04 update… I’m still out.

So, this morning I woke up to hear my roommate growling about something, turns out that Ubisoft released update 1.04 for Tom Clancy’s The Division and now my system is updating the game again… all 44.895 gigs of it.

After what… 12 days of keeping my internet usage to the absolute minimum I am back to square one on my download for this game? Argh! Why does it need a full reinstall? Why can’t it just patch the parts that need to be changed? I paid extra to get it on disk so I would not have to install on my crappy internet connection, and now I have to install it again before I can even see the intro screen?

I was keeping an eye on it and estimated that my download rate had been between 2 and 5 gigs a day, depending on usage of the Internet for things like checking email or trying to update my website here, so it should only take another 12 to 15 days for me to update it, if I do nothing on the internet other than update the game.

Unfortunately, my roommate would probably like to use the Internet as well, so I’m looking at 15 to 20 days at least before I can play The Division 2.

To say I am annoyed would be a gross understatement.

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