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The Division Legendary Runs for Shield

I finished off the last Legendary run that I needed for the shield, so now all I need to do is kill 5 hunters in Survival and get 5 loot items out of Survival with me. It is the killing the hunters that is the annoying part. I always seem to get to the evac point with just minutes to spare and no time to fight the hunters, or if I try to get there faster my gear is not good enough for me to fight them.

The legendary runs was not so bad though, I’d already been farming a few of the legendary places before, and once I found teams that were reasonably competent I did good.

The biggest headache was Amherst Apartments, which is one of the places I have farmed in the past. I had tweaked my Deadeye build and was running a mission on hard in Madison Field Hospital just to play with it, since that has a lot of good distance shots in it. Ended up accidentally hitting to find team members out of habbit and got three folks that I think two had mics. They were thrilled with how well we ran the mission and talking about how they had never had such an awesome team before. I was saying my goodbyes and that I was off to hit the last of my Legendary missions and they started saying how they needed those for the shield as well. The two with mics said they had been running them, but could not find a decent team to run with and I knew how that went.

I should have been afraid when I saw their gear scores, but I knew enough good Legendary runners that had low scores on off-sets, and my Deadeye had JUST hit 291, so I was not that concerned about their gear scores. Not until we started the legendary and their scores were still in the 260 range, but even then… totally doable to run Legendary at that level.

We had gone to Amherst on my suggestion because in my experience it was the easiest Legendary mission to run and I wanted to shake out the rust before we hit harder ones. None of them knew about the trick of getting up the truck at the start of the mission area to take shelter at the windows so you could see down on the enemies better. The mob from outside got lead up the street and in by someone, no idea who did that, but it’s a bad thing since those guys are high level reds and will mess you up if you do not realize they are shooting you in the back.

Finally got the courtyard cleared after I think two or three fails where the team was slaughtered. I should have left them, but I stayed. I would live to regret that… after a few more deaths.

So, if you are familiar with the area please bear with me as I explain this for those that are not familiar with it.

We get past the first area and into the second one. This is a courtyard inside this apartment complex where there is a long narrow area and you can get into a doorway and windows down on ground level, or you can cut through some apartments to get onto a balcony area. I always go through the apartments to get to the balcony because there are some snipers across the way, and as the sniper it is my job to make their lives as miserably short as I can manage.

I will spare the messy details of the first death in that area. But we died and got sent back and I reminded them all that after the first group a bunch of shotgunners will be coming out of the same balcony windows I had gone through to get to my sniper nest. Usually the guy on balcony with me helped me to deal with them.

So, round two, we made it through, I was worried by then so even though they had said they had bear Legendary a lot of times in past I reminded them that when we dropped into the basement to make our way around to the second courtyard there would be a heavy gunner or more shotgunners. We took out the shotgunners with only minimal chaos on out part.

Next courtyard my mental warning bells went off as the two on mics started talking about how the mission had been seriously buffed since the last time they had ran it. …. …. I said it seemed the same to me, then stayed quiet after that as they went back and forth about how much harder it was than the last time they had ran it. I was worried.

We of course got wiped out there as well and it will come as no surprise to anyone that’s actually done a legendary run of Amherst that we were sent all the way back to the beginning of the mission. It was very surprising to the people I was with. -.-

Not one of them had known that on Legendary you went back to the beginning of the mission from that point if the while team was killed.

Round two… or was it twenty? We made it to the second courtyard, the one where I deal with the snipers, and got pushed back to the first entryway courtyard. My three teammates died and left me alone with several nasties including an enemy agent and a heavy gunner, a medic, and a couple of grenade tossers. I found somewhere to hide.

My “Oh SHIT, the team is dead!” revive my team skill was on a long cooldown, and the enemies where walking circles around the other three on my team, so I just settled in and tried to wait the enemies out as my skill cooled off. My mistake was in trying to also thin some of the enemies. They could not find me, but my little turret and my grenades were doing a serious number on them, as was my well silenced sniper rifle.

I took out the medic and the heavy and was about to take out the agent when a well placed grenade found me and hit me with a bad bleed effect before I could hit a medical kit onto it.

I was never so happy to hear teammates say that they had to get to sleep so they could get up for work the next day. I would have stayed to get them through that Legendary, because I’m a masochist that way in games, but oh what a painful run that would have been.

I went on to cue up for my next two Legendary runs that I needed for my shield and got through them on first try both missions, so I at least got to end the night on a high note, but man was that Amherst run a hard one.

Next up for me is to spam Survival to get my final shield.

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