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The End of Chapter One

After weeks waiting for the thaw, letting John heal, and having robbed a train – the gang is finally ready to get out of the mountains and find somewhere warm to lay low while they plan their next move.

There is a cutscene that shows them getting the wagons loaded and then some beautiful shots of their descent down from the frozen mountains into more peaceful areas in the Heartlands. This is accompanied by some very lovely music.

During this part of things Hosea reveals that Arthur was around 13 “maybe a little older” when Hosea and Dutch found him, stating “A wilder delinquent you never did see, but he learned fast.” This is followed up by a sour comment of “Not as fast as Marston, apparently,” by Arthur.

A cutscene has Hosea making a Yarrow and Ginsing mixture that he says is “Good for the health, better than that stuff you buy in the store.” This gets you 5 American Ginsing and 5 Yarrow as well as unlocks the ability for Arthur to craft basic health elixers.

Once the group is to the Horseshoe Overlook camp site and a few rousing speeches and camp needs talks have been got out of the way Arthur is at last able to settle onto his cot and enjoy a brief smoke before getting to work.

This leads to a note that is is now a couple of weeks later and the offical start of Chapter 2 brought on via a reminiscent journal entry by Arthur that leads us to the much welcome arrival of Hosea with a cup of coffee and the player’s ability to explore the game in open world exploration.

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