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Thief: opinion-based spoilers for ending – plus my sequel wish-list

I finished my play-through of Thief last night and found the ending… well, I had read a tip on how to deal with something in chapter seven and someone in the discussion had done something I find very irritating – they talked about the ending of he game. Thankfully they did not actually say any details, only that they had been disappointed by it. That seems like a minor semi-spoiler, but still, on a thread that was talking about a mission before the end of the game, having someone express their feelings about the end, with no spoiler warning, just feels wrong to me. It left me not quite so excited for the ending as I had been.

Having my thoughts about it tainted by the stray comment I watched the ending with a perspective of ‘Oh… I see why that was disappointing.’ The joy of the game was so low that I did not even bother to play much past the end and just hopped out of the game and watched some Primeval on Amazon Video.

This morning, thinking back on things as I was waking up, I realized that the ending was not as disappointing as I had felt it was last night when my perspective had been clouded a little.

I’ll tell you why after the spoiler cut, so if you do not mind knowing how the game ends, or have already played it – read on past the cut.

DO NOT read on if you do not want full end-game spoilings!

I’ll be talking about the end in detail, so… go back now.


Last warning.


Okay, so…


When Thief ends you get this cut-scene that shows a rather de’ja’vue experience for Garrett, then Garrett is knocked out / passes out and wakes up a few moments (hours?) later. Th last he saw of Erin was her slipping out of his hand the same way she had at the start of the game, only this time he managed to grasp the claw and throw it after her. He sees her and the claw falling away – then fade to white-out and he passes out.

When Garrett wakes up he is laying where he passed out and groggily looks around to find the claw is embedded in the wood strut beside him. When I watched it last night I noted a small slip of leather at the base of the claw and thought she had thrown it back up and the line snapped.

The last we see is Garrett pulling the claw out of the wood and standing staring out to sea. It seems like a rather sad ending.


In thinking this morning I realized that a thought I had had earlier in the game, at the start of mission 8, was likely rather on target. As I was crawling through the tunnels trying to get out past the freaks I had the sad thought that if Erin had been coherent for the entirety of what had been done to her, and knew about the freaks, that her dying might be the kindest thing that could happen to her – because how would someone come back from that kind of experience?

In thinking about that and her general activity throughout the game I think I pieced the ending that was not seen together. I think that when Garrett threw the claw she caught it as he was passing out and threw the grapple to catch, climbing back to the place Garrett lay. She checked on him, determined he was not going to die, then got to thinking about what all had happened and had a bit of a panic attack so ran off. I can easily see her perched somewhere not too far away watching over him until he woke, then slipping away. The claw was left behind to make sure he knew that she had not died – she was still out there somewhere.

That is actually a rather good ending for that game in my opinion, since it acknowledges that she had a horrible experience that she does not want to deal with, so she fled and left a clue for him that she’s still alive. He did save her.

That sort of makes me hope there will be a sequel with Garrett trying to find her. Or possibly a Thief game with her as the lead and being left with focus-type powers because of the Primal. There are a lot of possibilities there, given the skills she had and the ways she was levitating and blinking place to place in the final battle.  There would also be a great foundation for a choice driven game where the player can have her doing the ‘right’ things and not killing unless she had to, or going full crazy and killing anyone in her way. That duality was set up at the start of the game for her and could be used in a great way in a sequel.

Just a few thoughts I had about it, and if the owners of Thief want to make something like that, don’t worry, I forfeit all rights to that general idea to the proper owners of Thief, all I ask is to be able to buy the game and play it if such a story is made.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts on the ending of Thief and what you might like to see if a sequel were to be made.

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