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Thief – Spoiler warning: Chapter 5: The Forsaken

One of my favorite games is Thief a single player first person perspective game that gives you an open-world city to play in the shadows of and lets you pick your own path to your goals.

I will admit that I have not yet beaten the game, despite having had it for some time. I was playing it shortly after I got it, then ended up being distracted onto other games and just did not get back to Thief for a very long time. By then, a lot of time had passed and I had left Garrett in one of the final climactic battles of the game and, well, it seemed like it would be less fun to just finish the game without having the thrill of having played up to that point, so – I continued to not play Thief for – a very long time.

I got back into the game a couple of days ago, however, and since I am just wanting to relax and not worry about stealth I lowered the difficulty. Instead of ramping it to the max as I had my first play-through I set the difficulty to normal. Some challenge, but still a nice relaxed pace for the fights. In a lot of ways I wish I had left it at max, but, I’m just along this time to relive the story, I’ll beat it on max setting some other time.

So… the spoiler. If you do not want to read spoilers turn back now…

Spoiler Cut

The level that I dreaded while working through the game this time was Chapter 5: The Forsaken, where you go to Moria Asylum to see what information you can find there. The first time I played through this I was on max difficulty and when the Night Watchman showed up it was very late at night, very dark, and I was living alone in a small camp trailer with my dogs and a couple of cats. There is a special level of nightmares that haunt those who play that level, on max difficulty, in a dark trailer, with a freaking cat jumping up onto the back of the trailer scratching the side with it’s paws because it almost fell and stomping along the roof.

I am not ashamed to admit that when that damned cat hit the roof of my trailer while I was trying to figure out what the hell was hurting Garrett in the halls of the asylum – I screamed.

I was not looking forward to returning to that place on this play through.

Things went well, it was, again, late at night when I got there, but the cat is inside this time so… still, Night Watchman is unsettling in all the funnest of scary ways and my heart raced a bit as Garrett crouched in his hiding spot and watched the Night Watchman pass… then – I was down off that cabinet and did not stop swooping until I was out of the men’s ward. Poor Garrett was gasping and his heart was near to giving out on him, but I was out of there.

Onward to the women’s ward.

Fun detail here. After you open the door and turn the crank if you look back to the revolving doors that go toward the men’s ward you will see a man standing there. Step out and around to where he is and he’s gone. Someday I will play on ‘kill anyone in my way’ mode and try shooting him.

For now, however… Yes, things went along rather smoothly from there onward. Best jump-scare level in the game. I highly recommend pausing your game progression when you get the Moria mission, do side missions or explore or spend time with your family – whatever – and don’t play Moria until it is late at night and dark and no one will hear you scream.

That’s what I do. And last night I had to pause my game around 6 in the morning when I got the generators in the lower area started up and went to figure out how to open the room I wanted. Who’d have though that when you press one tiny button you open ALL the doors to crazy?

Apparently me and Garrett expected that, because as soon as I pressed that button I dove to get him crouched up on top of the nearest cabinet. Then, crouched there in the dark, I listened as the doors began to open. Boom… boom… boom… each one in succession opening to let the crazies out. The last door – was behind me!

The damned neighbors moving into the house behind my trailer opened up the metal door of the moving truck’s back gate at 6 freaking in the morning with a rattling sound exactly like the doors opening in the game. I did not scream, but I sure as hell jumped and spun to stare out the window behind me. And damn do I wish I had been recording that – because had I had my reaction to the timing of them asylum doors opening and that moving truck’s door opening behind me caught on video I would post it on YouTube bad hair-day and all.

Those are the moments I live for in gaming.

Now… back to the asylum to play more Thief.

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