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Tips on Writing a Fantasy Adventure Story

Someone asked for suggestions for writing a fantasy adventure novel, which is part of my chosen genre; I write fantasy thrillers with high levels of drama and adventure.

Things I try to keep in mind while I am writing:

1. Magic needs to remain consistent and have a purpose. Decide what limitations your magic has and stick to those limitations, do not break your magical laws just to avoid having to think of a non-magical solution to your story problems. Also, make sure that the magic can in some way be important to solving story problems. There is no reason to have magic if it never benefits the story. Also, consider how magic will impact the adventure: If the hero can fly, then a chasm in the path is no obsticle – not unless dragons live in it and will fly up to eat anyone flying over it.

2. The story is about the adventure the character is on, not about the boring stuff that the characer has to do to get to the adventure. Leave out boring stuff like the character waking up unless they are in a wayside inn and wake to the sound of enemy troops searching the inn for them. Shorten travel times by indicating a long journey – look how far the Hobbits traveled in Tolkien’s stories, not every mile needs explained.

3. Consider religious and political things and how they might impact the adventure. Is the character needing to go onto forbidden grounds that the king or local religious group has forbidden anyone to go to? Does the characer have connections in high places that allow them to call on the king’s troops for help when needed?

4. DO NOT build your whole world before you start writing it. You can spend years building the world and never use 99% of it. Build the world as you go, then add details to it when you revise your novel. I built a wonderfully detailed port city once, mapped out the streets and many buildings I thought I would need, even started making it in Blender (3D program)… then when I started to write I discovered my city is too high above the ocean to have a port. That map is on my wall now as a reminder to write the story THEN build the world.

If you have any questions please, ask in the comments and I will do my best to help you find the answers you need. Also, please feel free to leave your own suggestions on writing fantasy adventure in the comments, I would love to hear what you think and what you enjoy to read in the fantasy adventure genre.

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