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Took new glasses back to Wal-Mart Vision Center

Last Friday I picked up my new glasses at the local Wal-Mart Vision Center. I was really excited because it had taken a very long time for me to actualy get the glasses after I got the eye exam and ordered them.

Unfortunately, I had had a very long and stress-filled day and just wanted to get home, so I did not question it when told that I would get used to the blur I was seeing close up and in my peripheral vision. I had never had that happen with glasses before, but both the person who had drove me in and the gal at the vision center counter assured me that it was normal and would soon correct itself. Advising me to put the glasses on first thing in the morning for the best results.

I knew by that Saturday that things just were not right, so I called the vision center and after explaining the situation and being told to bring in the glasses and they would train me on how to use my new progressive lenses the gal looked me up on their computer and was surprised to find that it was not the progressive that I had been prescribed – it was distance only.

So, I took the glasses back in today to get the issue resolved.

The gentleman who helped me tried to talk me into buying a second pair off their wall for 40% off, special deal today only sort of thing, but I did not want to buy a second pair of glasses, particularly not for just shy of $60. I wanted the ones I had thought I was getting the first time.

He said that he could get them fixed for free in a week, but only if I got the lined bi-focals, not the progressives I had thought I was getting when I got the glasses, the prescription that the optomitrist had said for me to be given. The guy helping me then tried again to talk me into buying a pair of frames off the wall if I wanted to get the progressives – the way he was talking it felt like, for some reason he was inferring to but not outright saying, I could not get progressive lenses in the pair I had, only in new glasses. But I could get the bi-focal with a line on the ones I had for free.

Well, I was highly stressed and feeling my anxiety build up by the minute, and I just wanted to go home and I wanted glasses that I could see through, so I told him to just make the lined ones for me.

He drew a line across my glasses with a fine point Sharpie, one of the lines needing redrawn because he had messed up how he drew it the first time.

He then told me that it would be a couple of weeks, maybe three weeks, before the glasses would be ready. Now, notice that I said he said one week earlier, and now it is a couple of weeks, maybe three. He tripled the timeframe on my getting my glasses back when he realized that I was not going to buy a second pair off the back wall for almost $60. I was not amused.

I am just hoping that this time when I get my glasses I can actually see through them and do my work, because I am writing this by using my old glasses. The ones that are frames I got when I was 16 years old, that have lenses from a pair of my dad’s glasses from around 2006 in them, are held together ont he sides by loops of sewing thread soaked in Super Glue, and now have a piece of Kleenex wrapped around one of the posts for the nose bridge because I lost the rubberized padding and can’t get them fixed. (The first gal I spoke with in the vision center offered to try to put a new nose pad on for me, but then claimed she couldn’t for some reason.)

I just want to be able to see now that I have gone through the stress and anxiety of going to get a new pair of glasses. Given what I have gone through so far, however, I am starting to regret having put myself through the mental and emotional strain of this. I might not be able to drive or watch a TV that’s more than 2 feet away with my dad’s old glasses, but I can write. I sure as hell could not have driven, watched TV, or even wrote with the ones I picked up at Wal-Mart’s vision center the first time.

I’ll let you know how the new ones work when I finally get them.

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