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Twitch Short Story Challenge: Sci Fi

On my Twitch I have a points system that allows my viewers to redeem various things, including a request that I write a short story for them.

Today one of my Twitch viewers redeemed a short story request. Their challenge:

Two to five people, of an undesignated alien race, are crash landed on a tropical moon for 5 days until an extraction force can arrive. They will deal with Hostile Flora and Fauna.

I have started contemplating the story and the first task I assigned myself was to decide how many characters would be needed, so… what do you need on a spaceship? I made a list:

  1. Captain
  2. Pilot
  3. Navigator

I then decided that this ship needed a reason to not only go somewhere, it needed a reason for a rescue mission to be sent for it. Why not up the imporance and make the passenger someone who would prompt a quick rescue – or at least make the passenger someone who would assume that a rescue would be quick.

  1. An Aristocrat / Diplomat
  2. Diplomat’s Aide
  3. There I have it. Five characters who are the crew and passengers of the ship.

    Or are they the survivors? Was this a crash that left only a few people alive? I could switch out the character types now that I consider that option. Maybe the captain did not survive the crash, maybe it was someone else?

    I like the captain though, and the diplomat, since this gives me the option of a power struggle. Were only one of them in the story, then it would be clear who was in charge.

    Another option is to ditch both of them and have a power struggle between the crew of the ship, who are now trying to maintain authority over the situation, and the staff of the diplomat, who are of the opinion one of them should be in charge of things since the group is on the ground.

    I will play with these ideas and see which I prefer, what one offers the most scene ideas, and what possible endings I can work toward for the possible character lists.

    My next task is to come up with enough scenes to fill in a short story. I already have an idea for how to start the story, so now I just need two to three scenes to fill the middle out, then I can decide on an ending once I have a rough outline I like.

    I’ll post more on this tomorrow when I have got some more work done on it.

    Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas about this challenge idea in the comments.

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