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What is The Division? What to know before you play The Division 2 (Spoilers for The Division)

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia

The above quote is the Latin moto of the Division. The literal translation is “Extreme Evil, Extreme Remedy.”

More formally known as the Strategic Homeland Division, The Division is a classified unit of highly trained sleeper agents tasked with the duty to go into an area where local authorities have lost control and restore order. Division Agents are a last line of defense that is tasked with working beyond the law to preserve or restore the chain of command.  

 “There’s always another way. Our mission is to save what remains. To save what’s left of our city. We are The Division
                                               — Unknown Second Wave Division agent

A lot of information on the Division Agents and Directive 51 can be gleaned from finding the phone messages left around the city by Captain Roy Benitez. These are briefings to the men and women under his command about the Agents and what Benitez knows about them, which primarily seems to be “Look for the orange circles, and if you see one, get out of their way.”

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