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When do we get wounded glamour items in FFXIV?

There has been a lot of talk in the Final Fantasy XIV community over the years about wanting to have glamour items that allow you to show your character is injured.

A walk into Ishguard will find you walking up the steps with a huyr that is hobbling along using his sword as a cane. Follow him and he goes to where three men are taking a rest. Standing leaned on his sword with his hand across his gut. With him are an elezen holding his injured arm and wearing a bandage across one eye with a nasty scar showing, as well as another huyr that is tending to a downed man with his right arm and leg in casts.

Why do we not get casts for our characters to wear? I’m sure that it is part of the footwear, and so matches to the boot the man wears on his left leg. It appears the arm cast is matched by an empty right arm, so would be easier to allow players to use.

I’m sure that a basic boot or shoe can be devised for the leg cast’s off-side. So, yes, please, Square Enix, when do we get casts and injured poses for our characters?

Injured Ishguardians
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