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Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?

Once you have finished the two missions in Colter (marked Mr. Pearson and Bill Williamson) a cutscene will start up that has Arthur paying a visit to John.

Of note here is that Abigail comes in saying that Jack wanted to see John, which makes me wonder if they have not moved to one of the other buildings. When Arthur enters the only two in the building are John and Reverend Swanson.

The scene plays out directly into the train mission. As the group is mounting up Hosea brings up the point that it is thawing and they could be leaving instead of risking a train robbery, but Dutch has his mind set on them needing money.

Things to collect on the train:

  • State Car
    • Table on left
      • Fine Brandy
    • Table to right
      • Letter (To Cornwall from Head of Accounts Leland Oil Development Company)
    • Table at end of couch on left
      • Platinum pocket watch
      • Cigar
    • Desk
      • Letter (to Leviticus from Archibald Jameson)
      • Fine Brandy
    • Desk Drawer
      • Premium Cigarettes
        • I got – Horses: Thoroughbred
      • Bill Stack – $25
    • Cabinet on left
      • Cigar
    • Cabinet on Right
      • Lockbox with bonds in it

After you collect the bonds you are told to deal with the guards and train. My prefered method of dealing with the guards is to threaten them, shoo them all onto the train, then hogtie them so I can loot them. Let’s face it, they show up without a scratch people will suspect them – they show up all tied up and robbed… maybe they are not so suspect. I am doing them a favor here!

After dealing with those fellows make sure to take your time heading for the engine. Search all of the guards you killed and look in the train cars for more loot.

  • Second Car
    • Desk to right of door
      • Kentucky Burbon
    • Table on left (between chairs)
      • Potent Bitters
    • Table across from couches (middle of the car)
      • Drawer
        • Chocolate Bar
        • Cigar
    • Table behind harp
      • Snake Oil
  • Boxcar 1
    • Barrel on left
      • Opened Miracle Tonic
  • “Empty” Boxcar
    • Quarter on floor (.25 cents)

Once you have gathered all the loot it is time to start the train and send it on down the tracks, which will immedately lead to the finsl cutscene for Colter.

Note: If you lost your hat somewhere, don’t worry, you horse picks your hat up and tucks it into the saddlebags. (Hey, what did you think Arthur was doing with all that free time in Colter? He was teaching his new horse tricks like that!)

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