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Why Blender for 3D modeling?

I started using Blender many many years ago, long enough ago that to get an accurate date range I would have to dig through things a lot, but let’s just settle on I have been using it since before Elephant’s Dream was made, shall we? I think anyone familiar with the program can agree that’s been a while. I started dabbling with the program as an alternative to Poser, which was the preferred 3D program for both of my older brothers and my father. It was not that Poser was a bad program, I just wanted to do things that I was not sure Poser allowed  like make money off of my 3D efforts via making movies. I had, unfortunately, barely began to learn how to make things with Blender before life caused me to step away from learning how to make 3D models and steered me in another direction entirely. It was a long time before I got the chance to get back into 3D modeling and for a time I used 3DS Max. It was easy to use and there were a lot of models that I could get to make things, and yet there was one aspect of it that I felt a little lost in and knew there had to be a better way – manipulating the models and creating my own. Add on that I was not sure what rights I actually had with any of the models I had got with 3DS Max and I was left looking for something… better.

My search lead me back to Blender and a large part of me could not believe I had not gone to Blender to begin with. There was a lot of opposition, talk online about how bad Blender was, my brothers advising me to go to Poser not Blender because Poser was “so much better”, but I could feel that Blender was better than anything else I had used. I had run my fingertips along the programs surface and could feel the power locked within – if I could only learn how to tap into that power.

I am still learning. Blender is still evolving and keeping up with the latest advances in 3D modeling and all of the myriad of applications for the program. I have come to discover that learning Blender is an ongoing process that I am not sure anyone can master because of the complexity of the program and the need for change to keep up with the industry. And that is good… and… bad. It is this constant learning process that makes people dislike the program. Someone will use a user friendly program such as Poser or 3DS and learn how to make the models and scenes they want, then they open a program like Blender and there is an overwhelming amount of options. Things that other programs streamline and make user friendly are still broken into their base aspects in Blender, making it more complex, but also (in my opinion) more adaptive to the needs of the user.

Blender is hard and requires a lot of work to learn, then to relearn when new versions come along, but I think it is better because it does not try to dumb itself down for me. Blender demands that I give my best effort, that I strive to discover how to do the things I want to be able to do, and that is an aspect of the program I have not embraced in far too long. So, why Blender? Because as hard as it is to learn, as complex as the program’s interface is to master, I feel more comfortable with Blender than I do with any other 3D creation program. I feel more a part of the process and in control of what I want to create than I feel with other programs. For me, Blender is the perfect tool to keep me moving forward with my skills and always learning new ways to improve my work.

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