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Why such a small explorable area in Chapter 1 of Red Dead Redemption 2?

I started a new playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 last night while working on a guide for my website, and it reminded me of one of the most frustrating parts of the first chapter for me. There is a very small area around Colter where you can wander, but step more than roughly 100 yards away from the town, on foot or your horse, and the weather will turn on you and you are going to freeze to death.

It is really unfair in my opinion. The Gang is going to spend several weeks there waiting for the snow to thaw enough to get the wagons out of the mountains. Why can’t Arthur spend that time exploring the snowy area and hunting for the gang?

I would love to see a mod that extends the explorable range around Colter and allows you to supply the gang with food as you can in later camps, however, when I did a brief search to see if such a mod existed I was… dissapointed. I had clicked on a link without really reading the url and instead of going to PC Gamer’s list for the best mods, I ended up at PCGamerN and…. well, it seems like the only thing that the modding community has done for Red Dead Redemption 2 according to them is to make naked mods, mods that let you play as other characters (including…. fish? What the heck??? Just…. why?), also mods for infinate life and … Arthur Morgan as the Joker. Uh…. Okay, at this point I decided that I had to be browsing the April article over at PCGamesN, because their idea of “the best” was not anywhere near the best of what the modding community should have been capable of.

I went looking further.

I made my way to Nexus Mods, which as I will explain in a moment renewed my faith in modders, but I also had to see what the actual PC Gamer list for best mods was… uhm… it was not much better than PCGamerN’s list, in fact, a lot of it was the same. Although PC Gamer did have a few that were interesting, including a camera mod that lets you take the camera anywhere on the map, not just the limited range of the in-game freecam. And another that let you summon a hot air balloon.

It was Nexus Mods, however, that truly restored my faith in modders and made me think getting Red Dead Redmption 2 on the PC might be worth it. Some of the first things I saw was a mod for restoring content that gives you a quiver. Nice! I’ll need to look into this one more. And what is this Basic Needs mod? Arthur gets a canteen? Ability to .. uhm… urinate? Hey, why not, my horse seems to have to take a crap every time I stop. And I see the others peeing all along the edges of camp like they’re marking our territory. And finally a mod for a Playable Guitar? YES! I have looked at that guitar at Horseshoe Camp and wanted so badly to be able to play it. My online character Garrett can play the guitar when he’s in the saloon at my friend’s moonshine hut (I am not sure I will get the band in my moonshine shack, I like the wall I have there now and am afraid it would be replaced by a band.) Anyway, I have been wanting Arthur to be able to play the guitar, so this is a mod I will need to look at if I get the PC edition of Red Dead Redemption 2.

So, yes, there are some mods that I have found that give me hope, unfortunately there does not seem to be any mods that do anything like altering the explorable region around Colter or allows you to do more in that area during the first chapter. So, if any modders are looking for a challenge, or if Rockstar would like to make an awesome update to the single player part of the game that I would love to get. There is my wish. Expand Colter and make it a real first campsite where you can explore the surrounding area and get food for the gang until you decide you want to move on to Horseshoe Overlook.

For now… I must get back to playing so I can finish the first chapter and get to the open world part of the game.

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