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Women over 40 kill zombies too

I relaxed for a few minutes the past couple of nights by playing a little Resident Evil 6 before bed, it reminded me of just how many gamers not only are unaware that girls play video games too, but how many more are unaware that there really are 40-something gamers. A quick tour of the internet this morning shows that it is not a new phenomenon. In 2008 a post on MyLot asks What is wrong with a 40 something woman buying a video game system for herself? and the answers I read seemed to all agree that there is no age limit on being a gamer. I bought a Wii not long after I turned 40, and a PlayStation 3 just about a year and a half ago, and I have plans to pre-order a PlayStation 4 if the finances allow.

So, yes, women over 40 kill zombies too, and, even if I do say so myself, we’re pretty dang good at it too! I started out Resident Evil 6 on Normal play level, not Amateur, then played through it all again on Professional. There is no award for it, but I beat the Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin thread on No Hope. Currently I am exploring the game a half hour or so at a time before I go to bed at night searching out the RE:6 serpent emblems because collecting all the heirlooms is the last thing I need to have Resident Evil 6 platinum on the PlayStation Network.

So, yeah… women over 40 kill zombies too. And Cerberus. I’m a few biotic attacks away from getting Platinum on Mass Effect 3 … if I can ever pull myself away from beating up on Cerberus in online mode with my Talon Mercenary. Mass Effect has sort of fallen aside for a little while, however, because I have a Dunmer elf with his own Companions outpost at the Falkreath Lakeview Manor house with Vilkas and Farkus, all of them getting ready to save Skyrim from a vampire war. Once the vampires have stopped attacking innocents he’ll join the College of Winterhold and learn more magic, then dive into the dragon campaign. So, yeah, Skyrim Platinum is within reach as well, but that might wait a little longer, since with the impending release of Saint’s Row 4 I want to get back into playing Saint’s Row 3 some more, and maybe some more Army of Two if those servers have not been shut down yet… I could certainly go on, but, trust me, I’m serious when you meet me in a game online and I say “I’m a woman over 40.” Just because I can out-shoot you does not mean I have to be a young teenage boy (Yes, I have had people accuse me of being too good of a gamer to be telling truth about age and gender).

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a porch to paint and some boxes to move to the basement so I can settle down and do more serpent emblem hunting tonight before bed.

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