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Writing Productivity & Community Building
Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 12PM Alaska Standard Time (AKST (-8UTC))
I play video games for a few hours following my workshop streams.

January 2023 - New Year Excitement!

Entering My 4th Year of Streaming on Twitch!

  • 4 Years Streaming on Twitch!

    It has been a long rough road, and I have not managed to do much streaming in the past few months, but this January I will return to Streaming on Twitch to celebrate 4 years on Twitch!

  • First Rough Draft

    I am in the first rough pass editing phase of my novel
    The Guardsman and the Thief.

  • Twitch
    & Gaming

    In 2023 I will be focusing more on the streaming content that my viewers want to see on Twitch and extending that to content on this website with more in-depth articles on both games and writing.

  • Discord & Socials

    From Discord to Twitter, I will be using this website to draw together and grow the community, and I would love for you to be a part of it.

    The new website will make that easier than ever before, regardless of where our interactions take place.

    Stream Schedule

    Co-Working Stream

    Join me live on stream

     9am to Noon M-F
    (AKST -8UTC)

    I will be working on a variety of projects Monday thru Friday ranging from 3D modeling to Writing and Game Design. So stop by and chat with me and my viewers as we relax and work to some quiet background sounds courtesy of Tabletop Audio.

    Writer's Workshop

    Monday - Friday
    AKST: 9AM to 12PM (-8 UTC)

    Join me and my community on Twitch for work streams every Monday thru Friday:

    This is a relaxed casual chatting style writing workshop where I most often work on various aspects of my novels and answer questions from chat, so come join the fun.

    The Guardsman
    & The Thief

    Book One

    Accused of the murders he was investigating, city guardsman Gabriel must find a way to prove his innocence when his only ally is a thief that distrusts everyone.

    The Guardsman and the Thief is an epic grimdark fantasy novel set in a world entering the dawn of an industrial revolution. Part Epic Fantasy, Part Steampunk Adventure, and part Grimdark Thriller, this novel takes a hard look at a world where men  gain power by the manipulation of others through misunderstanding and fear.

    An Epic Grimdark Fantasy

    The Guardsman and the Thief is a stand-alone novel that is the start of a new series.  It is currently in the editing phase, with hope to seek publication sometime in 2023.

    Twitch Writing & Work Streams
    Join me on Twitch every weekday for 4 hours of writing and work productivity streams.
    Join me live me on Twitch
    7 Legend
    Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide to
    Upgrading Arthur Morgan's Satchel
    I have created a guide to help with how to get the Legend of the East Satchel for Arthur in the story, including a list of what skins are needed and details on how to find and hunt the required animal skins for each satchel.
    Satchel Upgrades
    Red Dead Online
    Red Dead Online
    Creating Garrett Hawke
    I get a lot of compliments on my Red Dead Online character, Garrett Hawke, and after getting several requests to share the build information I made a guide to how to recreate my Red Dead Online character.
    Character Build Guide
    My PC Build
    I game and stream on a custom built PC that I made myself in May 2021.
    Read More

    Games I Play

    Elder Scrolls Online
    I've been getting back into ESO lately with a switch from PS4 to PC and am enjoying hopping into the game for a few hours in the evenings to relax and take a break before bedtime.
    Cyberpunk 2077
    I never had anything other than a great time playing Cyberpunk 2077 and found it to be an awesome game that I only ever saw a few minor glitches in, and those have been fixed now.
    Days Gone
    Days Gone
    I love Days Gone and have long had plans to start up Freaker Fridays, a weekly Days Gone drive along the broken road.
    Red Dead Online
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    (Story & Online)

    I play both the solo story and the online multiplayer modes for Red Dead Redemption 2.
    of the Galaxy
    One of my more recent passions is Guardians of the Galaxy. An awesome game that I highly recommend.
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Pictured above is my character Krys'a Lyrabhe, one of the characters I have on Balmung on the Crystal server..
    Mass Effect
    Legendary Edition
    I loved playing Mass Effect when I played it on the PS4, and now own the Legendary Edition for PC.
    Other Games
    I play far too many games to actually list them all here, so I have listed my top picks to give an idea of the kinds I play. Mostly I love ones with a good story and an open world, add in a thief character and it is a surefire win for me.
    Cover Design blank

    Cover art will be shown here when available.

    The Guardsman and the Thief

    - Work in Progress -
    The first novel of what is planned to be a trilogy to kick off an epic fantasy adventure series.

    All character and place names are placeholders and will most likely be changed before the publication of the novel.
    (Cover Art will be shown in the space to the left when available.)

    Characters | Setting | Plot
    Rough Draft
    Ready for Beta Readers
    First Draft
    100,000 words
    Final Draft
    Ready for Publication
    Monday - Friday
    Writing Workshop Streams
    Come Join the Chat on Twitch
    Work in Progress
    The Guardsman
    and the Thief

    Progress: 80%

    0 / 90,000 words

    Book One of
    The Northern Kingdom Series
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    My Blender Models

    In addition to writing. I enjoy 3D modeling with Blender.  Most of my work has been lost, but I have managed to keep a few pictures of some of the  models I have made over the years.

    Switch Panel
    An electrical switch panel based on the 1800's knife switch panels.

    I removed the fuse sockets, leaving just the detail at the bottom of the sockets, and added lights at the center of each of the switches.
    J Del Haxhe knuckle gun
    I made this scaled model over the course of a couple of days on impulse after seeing this gun on an antique gun collector site. This was a personal project with no goal other than to recreate this weapon.
    See the model on ArtStation
    Outdoor Electrical Boxes
    This is a set of old outdoor electrical boxes that I am working on for a personal project. The texture in the rendered image is a placeholder texture and not the final look I intend for the model to have. The doors of the three boxes open in relation to the base unit, and the handles are set to rotate in relation to each parent door.

    I have not made any of the internal parts for this model, since I do not need them for my project.
    See the model on ArtStation
    Made for Blender Artists weekend challenge #938.
    Toy Soldier
    This was the first thing I made using Blender's sculpting tools. A lost toy soldier made for Blender Artists weekend challenge #559.

    Where else can you find me?

    I am working on adding in my socials, so please bear with me as I work on this section and get it organized. Thank you.

    Writer's Workshop

    Monday - Friday

    8am to 11am (-8 UTC)


    1pm to 4pm (-8 UTC)

    Various Games

    (Time Zone = Alaska Standard Time)

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