Firestorm Swords
Today on stream I worked on the Firestorm Sword and Dagger set.

Firestorm Sword and Dagger Set

Today I worked on finishing off a sword and dagger set that I wanted to make for possible use in a novel promotional video later in the year.

I started work on the sword just to test a few things out, but I really like how it is looking and today on stream I built the scabbard and the matching dagger as well as the start of the shelf.

I unfortunately had to end my stream early due to having a car stuck in the driveway, but when I came back I went ahead and finished off the final display, adding the second dagger and tying the weapons all together with the addition of a signet ring to allow the sword's wielder to unlock its powerful fire enchantment.


Detail Shots

"In the hands of the king, this blade shall summon the Firestorm"
Unsheathed Weapons
The weapons and ring shown on the display stand without the sheathes, the runes aglow.

Ring Detail

The Ring Unlocks the Firestorm

I decided that there needed to be some way for the king to unlock the power of the enchantments, so I added in the Ring of the Firestorm, a ring bound to the weapons that must be worn to unlock the power of the enchantments on the blades.

Dagger Detail
One of the daggers of the set showing off the detail of the blades.

Runic Inscription made using GiMP and the Rune Converter at

Textures used on Sword and Display custom made using GiMP and Blender, or downloaded from

Sword made, in part, based on the tutorials by Blender Fast Track:

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