What is Blender?

Blender is a 3D production suite that includes features for:


You can use Blender to create your on custom 3D models and render them, using the sculpting tools to add details to create life-like or fantastical models for games, film, or 3D printing.

Animation and Rigging

Since Blender is designed for animation, it is a great choice for anyone that needs to create animation sequences. Check out the Open Source films made by the Blender Foundation and others.

Grease Pencil

Blender's grease pencil feature allows you to create story art, 2D concept design, and so much more.

Video Editing and VFX

Blender provides an editing feature built in so you can load up videos and edit them. And with VFX features and the ability to use motion tracking, Blender lets you put animations into your videos, to let you create awesome video content.

You can download Blender at:


Spring is one of many films that have been made by the Blender community, and is one of my favorites.

See More Blender Films at Blender Studio

A few of my Blender creations:

J Del Haxhe knuckle gun
I made this scaled model over the course of a couple of days on impulse after seeing this gun on an antique gun collector site. This was a personal project with no goal other than to recreate this weapon.
Switch Panel
An electrical switch panel based on the 1800's knife switch panels.

I removed the fuse sockets, leaving just the detail at the bottom of the sockets, and added lights at the center of each of the switches.
Outdoor Electrical Boxes
I made these outdoor electrical boxes for a private project I was working on a while back.

The doors are all built to open and close, but I had not made any internal parts for the boxes.