Perfect Beaver Pelt

How to get the Perfect Beaver Pelt for the Legend of the East Satchel in Arthur's story in Red Dead Redemption 2.

You will need the varmint rifle.

Time of Day: morning to afternoon.

I know of two locations that are good for finding beavers in Red Dead Redemption.

Kamassa River

There is a group of beavers just south of Butcher Creek on the Kamassa River. You can find them by following the road on the east side of the river north until you see a wagon that was run off the road and ransacked. Head down to the river from the wagon's location, then slowly walk north to the beaver dam.

Sometimes there will be two beavers just below the dam on the western bank of the river, they will flee up the hill behind them and go up by the train trestle. 

You can find beavers on either side of the river between the dam and down just before you reach Butcher Creek to the north.

Owanjila Dam

The lake just above Owanjila Dam is home to a group of beavers that can be found on the eastern shore of the lake near the dam, or all along the western shore of the lake from the dam to where the creek flows into the lake on the northern end of the lake.

Varmint Rifle

The best rifle for hunting beavers is the varmint rifle. Try for headshots when the beavers are on dry land. If you have to shoot them when they are in the water, and they are not in the shallows, you have a very limited amount of time to lasso the carcass and pull it into the shallows before it will sink and you will lose it.