Perfect Panther Pelt

How to get the Perfect Panther Pelt for the Legend of the East Satchel in Arthur's story in Red Dead Redemption 2.

You will need a rifle with a scope.

Time of Day: I seem to have the best luck in finding the Florida Panther in the early morning just after sunrise.

The Florida Panther is found in Old Harry Fen, south of Braithwaite Manor. To find the panther before it finds you, you will want to head south along the western side of the Braithwaite property, then follow the road east until you reach the Y in the road. You will see a muddy area to the east, skirt just north of the mud bog (or wade through it) and keep going to the east through the woods until you reach a meadow.

You are going to want to leave your horse(s) in this meadow area, and your rifle with you.

Beware of bucks charging you in this area.

To the east you will see two old widow maker trees, leaving your horses walk between the trees and head due east. You will see an ancient tree, angle south of it and keep walking until you see a second ancient tree. Just past the second ancient tree you will see a patch of Hummingbird Sage, with some yellow mushrooms growing just south of it. From this point you will want to crouch and make your way south up along the hill, following the crest of the hill and keeping an eye on the trees east of your location.

The best method for me has been to crouch, study the base of all of the trees to the east, then move slowly a dozen steps or so to the south along the crest fo the hill and study the bases of the trees again.

If it is there, the Florida Panther will be seen laying to the south of one of the trees and will be facing toward your location when you find it. Be careful, because it can see you from that distance as well and might charge you, or move to another location to stalk you, if it sees you first.

Use the rifle to determine how many stars the panther is, and if it is not a three star panther you can leave the area and return until you find a three star one. You only need retreat to where your horse is and can then return to the panther's location to respawn it.

You can use Deadeye to mark the panther for the kill shot, but make certain that you hit it in the head and not the shoulder.