Perfect Wolf Pelt

How to get the Perfect Wolf Pelt for the Legend of the East Satchel in Arthur's story in Red Dead Redemption 2.

You will need the rifle.

Time of Day: Early evening

Location: There are several places to get attacked by wolves.

    Roanoke Valley, headed along the roads on the western side of the valley.

    West Elizabeth along the roads between Wallace Station and Riggs Station.

    Between Strawberry and the Dakota River.

    Western shore of Lake Isabella, back up toward Colter in the snowy region.

There are also several encounters where you can get perfect wolf pelts.

        Fellow Trapped on a Boulder: I usually see this in the area around Riggs Station, where wolves have trapped a fellow up on a rock. You can shoot the wolves from a safe distance with the rifle with a scope on it. You can get good karma if you do so before the wolves get to the fellow.

        Lumberjacks In Peril: To the Northwest of Riggs Station is a logging operation, and one of the events when you visit it will be the foreman asking you to deal with some wolves that have been attacking the lumberjacks, I usually get a three star wolf pelt from that encounter.


Wolves will charge at you in a pack, and harass your horse, who is likely to bolt and quite probably leave you laying in the dirt as a distraction while the horse gets to safety. Try to get your horse moving away from the area, then turn back and use deadeye to shoot the wolves in the head for the best chance at getting a perfect pelt.

If you run far enough the wolves turn back, you can try to track them back to their resting spot and use a rifle with a scope to try to shoot them before they see you are there.