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This is the final page in the build information for my character, detailing the lifestyle choices that include things like complexion, moles, and scars.


Garrett was built to be a rugged outdoorsman type that spends his time out hunting in the wilderness and avoiding contact with others as much as possible, so I wanted him to have a really weathered outdoorsman appearance.

Skin Mottling

I decided that for the Skin Mottling in the Lifestyle category I liked the look of Stippled, but then I moved the slider all the way to the left to exceptionally faint, maybe slightly right of full left, but not much.


Going with the outdoorsman lifestyle, I decided to give Garrett a faintly ruddy complexion. To match his complexion you will want to move the dot to the center of the second square from the left.

I did not set a Complexion 2, so leave that at None to match Garrett’s look in Red Dead Online.


Garrett actually has faint, REALLY FAINT, Faded freckles. So set the Freckles to Faded then move the dot all the way to the left. There was an almost invisible… something that was added to his look with this setting as opposed to none. Or, I might have been imagining seeing a change, not sure, but this is the setting I used.


I set the Moles to be pronounced, then lowered them to the lowest setting I could on the bar. Again, it seemed to add a hint of something on his face, but I could be imagining it.


As with the moles, I gave Garrett blemishes on his face, but I then lowered the Red-Faced look to it’s lowest setting so you can not really tell I had added it. Still, it gives a hint of coloration, which works since he is supposed to be half Indigenous American and there is a joke between me and my long-time gaming partner that my characters are usually known for having the occasional drink or three.


Garrett has no scars on his face, although ….

…. there are times when I think I should give him a few.

This is Garrett just after he survived having two Grey Wolves corner him inside a small house he had been searching. The scars have since healed and faded away, but I do like that both skin and clothing is scarred when your character is torn up by a wild critter, and it takes a few minutes for the scars to go away.


Garrett gets that “Give me another cup of coffee” look from having his awake level almost maxed out. The dot is moved toward the awake side of the slider until it is all the way into the first box, with just a bit of background showing between the dot and the line on the right side of the first box. He’s a true on the move outdoorsman type, and can get decent sleep about anywhere (even if the character’s can’t sleep in RDR Online), and he is also a coffee drinker.

Did you know that wagon trains and cattle drive chuck wagons would make sure to take along enough coffee so people could have a cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, and evening? It helped to offset the bland taste of water that sat in barrels on the wagons for long periods, or stale water gathered from ponds and such.

And there you have it. All the information you need to recreate my Red Dead Redemption 2 Online character Garrett Hawke. You should make a few changes, of course, to make the character your own – and because it would be sort of weird to one day run into myself in Online.

But this gives you the baseline of what I have, to get you a similar starting look for your character.

Page 1


Skin Tone


Body Build

Eye Color


Eyes & Brows

Page 2


Nose Size

Nose Shape

Nose Tip

Mouth & Lips


Mouth Position

Upper Lip Shape

Lower Lip Shape

Lips Depth

Page 3

Jaw & Chin

Jaw Shape

Jaw Depth

Chin Shape

Chin Depth


Ear Shape & Size

Page 4


Cheek Shape

Cheek Depth



Hair Color

Facial Hair

Take care and I hope you enjoy Red Dead Online as much as I do.