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I am working to design some game assets for fantasy gaming in Blender with my goal being a modest 100 individual items.

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Thief that can’t pick a simple lock? SEMI-SOLVED

I love thieves in games. The poor man in a bad situation who turns to stealing to help himself and others is one of my favorite kinds of thief story. I blame reading Robin Hood as a child for it I suppose.

I was excited, then to see the master thief Garett make a return in Thief. Who does not love a good rogue, and Garett was one of the best.

I pre-ordered the game and played it on Master difficulty through to the last boss battle, then ended up having to set the game aside for a time.

Returning to the game I decided I would do a fast refresher course on normal mode before I dove back into my master save. Everything went beautifully. I stole everything in the first room and snuck out leaving the guy scratching his backside completely unaware he had not a valuable left in his room. Out, across the street, into the bird attic. Everything was going Garett’s way. Oh.. painting… a bit of investigation and a tap of the R2 button on my Power A controler and the painting lifted up without a sound. I’m sure Garett’s smile was much like my own as he slipped the lock picks into the safe lock.


I found the sweet spot on the first pin and tapped R2 again. Again, nothing.

After trying and trying and getting upset because my controller was broken I tore the controller apart to try to fix it. No luck. I had played the game thru in 40+ hours of game time, on MASTER difficulty. I knew how to pick locks, but… nothing. Not even with a new Afterglow controller.

I tried to change which button set the pin, but could not do that.

Mystified I gave up, bought another new Power A pro controller and went back to Final Fantasy XIV. Total controller count trying to pick that lock on Thief: 1 wireless Power A pro controller, 2 wired Power A Pro controllers, 3 Afterglow controllers, and 2 standard PS3 factory issued controllers.

I don’t think it was a controller malfunction.

I forgot about the issue until I tried to play Thief a few minutes ago and once again was stopped cold by a lock that would not open.

I’ve gone over everything again with the exception of I have not broken open any controllers this time. Still no luck. It looks like this is a rather common issue for PS3 users, however, so I will keep trying to find a fix. Hopefully the one that says kill all old saves is not the only fix. >.< I do not want to lose well over 40 hours of gameplay on Master difficulty with with all sidequests done and many of the chapters cleared with no alerts or kills.

Not that it was not fun getting there, I just would prefer not to start over from scratch while also trying to play Heavensward.

I suspect the issue may be with the downloaded version I had for a time corrupting my save data – but am not sure about this. I just know the disk verson worked for me, I picked up the free copy off the PS store when it was a Plus member special, and now it does not work even with the downloaded version removed and me using the disk.

I’ll keep trying and will let you all know if I find a fix for this. This is too great of a game to not be able to play it anymore.


I can not call this a fix, since it forces me to use the original Playstation  controller, but at least I got the thing to work. You have to start the game from scratch using the original controller that came with your system (don’t have one… not sure what to say.)

Once the game is started, and you have began picking up things in the first room where the guy is asleep, then plug in your after market controller and reassign it to port 1.

You should now be able to open the lock using the aftermarket controller.

The pain is – I do not know if this will allow you to still pick locks when you restart the game later on. You may be able to do the same controller swap for save points – I do not know yet.


Good point, you can get past the first safe lock and enjoy this great game.

Bad point, this is not actually a fix for those of us that hate the too-small standard layout controllers that come with the systems.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Today is the day. Heavensward is here and Playstation systems and computers from all over are busily burning up the internet in downloading the first major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV.

Early access starts on June 19th for those who pre-ordered the game, so the servers have been down since late last night while everything is updated and patched and made ready for both the new and returning players.

A few things that bear keeping in mind amidst the rush:

  • FAMILY GAME NIGHT Triple Triad can now be played in private rooms and free company houses with the addition of a special gaming table to the areas.
  • I CAN FLY! While you will need to unlock the ability via a quest and unlock flying areas via more quests, it looks like it is true that certain mounts will now be able to fly. Make sure you change the setting in your control panel – default will be tap jump to fly, you can set it to be double tapping jump makes your mount fly.
  • 30 MIN IDLE BOOT If you are idle for 30 minute the game will boot you out, this is to reduce the server strain during this high congestion launch period. They will remove this restriction once again when things have settled back down.

I will be looking closer at all that Heavensward has to offer in future posts as well as providing tips for playing – particularly for PS3 users – as a way to get myself back to regular postings on this site.

No more 3D: Computer can not run Blender

I think my computer is just getting too old to handle Blender anymore. I try to work in it, but my system can not keep up and I end up spending half an hour just trying to get the model to rotate.

Hopefully I will be able to update my computer for Christmas this year, but I am not going to hold my breath on that. I’ve had that same hope for 4 years now and am still running on the old Wal Mart store display discount computer I picked up after my mom passed away in 2008.

So, I am going to focus on game discussion and gaming for a while and give up on 3D content made by me. I will, however, hunt down some good stuff around the internet for those who can work on 3D stuff and share what I find.

My Birthday Today

Happy birthday to me!

I wish I could say I got a new computer, but, alas, I am still working on the old desktop I bought in 2008. I’m also still homeless and the place I am staying is being threatened by wildfires.

I did get a bit of a birthday gift, however, and managed to save enough money back that I could pre-order Heavensward for Final Fantasy XIV. That is my gift to myself to help me stay sane in a world that is rather still beyond my control at the moment.

Low Poly Painting with Frame

paintingOver at ShareCG I found an awesome painting with frame made by Bryce78.

Painting with frame by Bryce78

3D Sword Model – basic concept draft

swordI’m working on the fantasy props I wanted to create to share and the first one I am making is a fantasy staple – a sword. So far I have not done much more than get a basic idea on the general shape I want the sword to be. Here is the test render of the smoothed sword as it is now.

I’ve started getting the marks in place for the UV unwrap, but since I am not sure this will be the final design they are likely to be moved around a bunch.

I am thinking i might make the cross-guard a bit fancier and make the pommel a gemstone, we’ll see as I have more time to work on it how it evolves. I also think I might make the blade bigger, it is a bit small looking right now.

Phoenix update: head roughed in

Here is an update on the phoenix I am working on, the dome has now been carved down into the basic shape of the top of the head and the start of the plumage off the back of the head and the beak has had more work done on it.


You can see here the details shaping up on the head, the nostril on the beak and the start of the eyes.


I’m still a long way away from having this be a finished model, but so far I am happy with how it is coming together.

Lost In Darkness: Book 1 of the Light and Dark Series

I have made it my goal to get myself back to work and a major part of that is getting my writing back on track and getting things published.

A few days ago I purchased a new 3-in-1 printer with a built-in scanner and copier. Last night I sat down with my copy of The Marshall Plan Workbook by Evan Marshall and printed out a set of worksheet pages from the worksheets in the book to use in writing a 50,000 word novel.

Since I had planned for Lost In Darkness to be a 40,000 word novella, it seems like the best one to work on as the starting novel for my revitalized career as a writer. I will be starting the story from scratch with my original work done on it set aside to use as reference material.

In addition to the Marshall Plan Workbook I will be using what I learned from the How to Think Sideways course by Holly Lisle that I am enrolled in and strongly recommend to anyone who wants to write fiction stories for a living.

For now I have the Marshall Plan worksheets printed out and have started to fill those in, I also have the lessons for How To Think Sideways loaded onto my Kindle and am working my way back through those while roughing in the story for Lost In Darkness as much as I can. I hope to start writing on the story in Scrivener or yWriter soon and will update the word count bar on the main page of this site when I do.

Phoenix Rising – new Blender model

Phoenix-Fabelwesen-smI’m working on a new Blender model now that I have Blender 2.74 on my system. I went and got a copy of the 1806 artwork of a phoenix by Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822) from the Wikipedia page on the mythological creature known as the phoenix.

Using this as my guide for the model, I have started working on my own 3D version of the phoenix which I will convert into a model to be used in a future mini movie showing the mythological bird rising from the ashes.

Here is the roughed in version of the bird after about a day of working on it.


Note that the ‘dome’ is half of the sphere I am using to make the head, it is not the halo glow effect. The glow will be made later on using lighting effects. I have the wings, tail, body and the beak all roughed in at this point. I still need to sculpt the top of the head and add the feet, then the scenery.

Once the entire bird has been made as a 3d model, then I will work on how to add in the feathers and other details. Also note that the wings are not yet merged properly with the body, that will come later as part of the prep work when I am ready to start fine-tuning the model before adding details.

Current vertices: 2,130

Blender 2.74

I’m downloading Blender 2.74, which is the stable update from version 2.71 that I had been using. While that is downloading and updating I am going to work on looking this site over to sort through the other things I need to update and try to remember where I had left off on everything.

Once that is done, I am going to take Blender 2.74 for a spin by building a fantasy gaming prop of some kind. I’m still not sure what I will make, but we’ll see what I end up with and go on from there.

For those who do not know, Blender is a powerful and free to use for any purpose 3D program by the Blender Foundation.