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I am working to design some game assets for fantasy gaming in Blender with my goal being a modest 100 individual items.

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3D Sword Model – basic concept draft

swordI’m working on the fantasy props I wanted to create to share and the first one I am making is a fantasy staple – a sword. So far I have not done much more than get a basic idea on the general shape I want the sword to be. Here is the test render of the smoothed sword as it is now.

I’ve started getting the marks in place for the UV unwrap, but since I am not sure this will be the final design they are likely to be moved around a bunch.

I am thinking i might make the cross-guard a bit fancier and make the pommel a gemstone, we’ll see as I have more time to work on it how it evolves. I also think I might make the blade bigger, it is a bit small looking right now.

Phoenix update: head roughed in

Here is an update on the phoenix I am working on, the dome has now been carved down into the basic shape of the top of the head and the start of the plumage off the back of the head and the beak has had more work done on it.


You can see here the details shaping up on the head, the nostril on the beak and the start of the eyes.


I’m still a long way away from having this be a finished model, but so far I am happy with how it is coming together.

Lost In Darkness: Book 1 of the Light and Dark Series

I have made it my goal to get myself back to work and a major part of that is getting my writing back on track and getting things published.

A few days ago I purchased a new 3-in-1 printer with a built-in scanner and copier. Last night I sat down with my copy of The Marshall Plan Workbook by Evan Marshall and printed out a set of worksheet pages from the worksheets in the book to use in writing a 50,000 word novel.

Since I had planned for Lost In Darkness to be a 40,000 word novella, it seems like the best one to work on as the starting novel for my revitalized career as a writer. I will be starting the story from scratch with my original work done on it set aside to use as reference material.

In addition to the Marshall Plan Workbook I will be using what I learned from the How to Think Sideways course by Holly Lisle that I am enrolled in and strongly recommend to anyone who wants to write fiction stories for a living.

For now I have the Marshall Plan worksheets printed out and have started to fill those in, I also have the lessons for How To Think Sideways loaded onto my Kindle and am working my way back through those while roughing in the story for Lost In Darkness as much as I can. I hope to start writing on the story in Scrivener or yWriter soon and will update the word count bar on the main page of this site when I do.

Phoenix Rising – new Blender model

Phoenix-Fabelwesen-smI’m working on a new Blender model now that I have Blender 2.74 on my system. I went and got a copy of the 1806 artwork of a phoenix by Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822) from the Wikipedia page on the mythological creature known as the phoenix.

Using this as my guide for the model, I have started working on my own 3D version of the phoenix which I will convert into a model to be used in a future mini movie showing the mythological bird rising from the ashes.

Here is the roughed in version of the bird after about a day of working on it.


Note that the ‘dome’ is half of the sphere I am using to make the head, it is not the halo glow effect. The glow will be made later on using lighting effects. I have the wings, tail, body and the beak all roughed in at this point. I still need to sculpt the top of the head and add the feet, then the scenery.

Once the entire bird has been made as a 3d model, then I will work on how to add in the feathers and other details. Also note that the wings are not yet merged properly with the body, that will come later as part of the prep work when I am ready to start fine-tuning the model before adding details.

Current vertices: 2,130

Blender 2.74

I’m downloading Blender 2.74, which is the stable update from version 2.71 that I had been using. While that is downloading and updating I am going to work on looking this site over to sort through the other things I need to update and try to remember where I had left off on everything.

Once that is done, I am going to take Blender 2.74 for a spin by building a fantasy gaming prop of some kind. I’m still not sure what I will make, but we’ll see what I end up with and go on from there.

For those who do not know, Blender is a powerful and free to use for any purpose 3D program by the Blender Foundation.

Starting Over: And the phoenix shall rise

And the past shall burn away and out from the ashen ruins shall rise the eternal phoenix to take flight and soar.

For roughly 30 years the symbol of Phantascene Productions has been a black unicorn standing on a cliff, foreleg raised, silhouetted against the full moon. I am now starting to think that I may alter that to be a phoenix instead.

I have undergone many ups and downs in my life, have lost everything that I once had and been left standing to stare out at the ruins of what once was. And what do I see? Hope, possibility, a new start. Time to see if the phoenix can fly. Time to stop thinking on the past that was and to start rebuilding it into a better reality for today that will last into the future.

Hold tight… this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Push Start

I have considered how to title this post for some time, or even what to put into it. Push Start seems more appropriate to me than “Hello World” even if this is sort of a rebooted Hello World for me.

You see… Life has this nasty habit of kicking me whenever I think I may be ready to start over. Just as I think I will rebuild my career and get back to how things was in 2007, life walks up and grabs the edge of the carpet and gives a good hard yank. So… no more starting over. No, after thinking it over I have decided that I can not start over, I can only push start and see where things go from there.

So, today I look at myself, my life and my website and… push start.

Why “push start”? Because if there is one underlying theme to my world of late it seems to be gaming. I used to be a gamer, long ago. I stopped for some time, then went back to it, and over the past few years one of the places I have taken refuge from the world has been in gaming.

That is also one of the things the people who find my website seem to be looking for – my experiences and advice about games and gaming.

So, no more looking back, no more restarting, let’s just start with where we are now and move forward from there with a look at gaming, writing, 3D art, life and… everything.  Shall we?

Sometimes you need to scream and start over

I spent a few days stressing over what to say about the past few weeks, past month and a half, hell, the past four an a half years, but every time I started to explain why my life is such a mess I kept thinking – no one wants to hear all of that. So, after much writing and re-writing and thinking it over I did not even look at the post again, I just posted it as a private post: An Ant Has No Argument With A Boot. If anyone really wants to know what the story is then feel free to inquire, for now I have ranted in silence.

Long story short: Stress has been slowly building up on me since late 2008. Each time I thought things were under control something else happened. Life fell out the bottom once again in some nasty way. This time last year I thought I was at a point I could move forward, get out of the nasty cycle I had been dropped into and go back to writing. I was, of course, wrong. A series of small events began to hit, like the fore-shocks to a major earthquake, then about a month ago the big one hit and life went back to looking better from a tiny hiding hole.

Looking back I can see the points where things went bad each time over the past few years. I can also see the points I thought I had everything under control. Those who know me best can likely name most if not all of both of those points off as easily as I could.

I already vented about a lot of it in my silent post, I will not go into it here. Here, I am simply going to scream really loud and start over. Sometimes, that is the only thing a person can do.

Revisions to the Research Hospital Model

I made some revisions to the research hospital. I decided that the structure was not quite as big as i wanted it to be, so I altered the main building. This is with the same old rough draft texture maps, so please ignore how it looks stretched out on the bricks.

research hospital revision 1I decided that I prefer this shape, but have not yet decided if I want to add in more of the recesses along the front and back in the expanded area. I think I will just go with long rows of windows where the patient rooms are at along the stretched sides.

Ceiling lamp

Last night I decided to make an asset for the game I have in mind as my first actual fully seen through video game. Here is a small teaser of the piece in production.

old ceiling lightThis shot includes environmental lighting so that you can see the green chipped enamel surface of the old ceiling fixture. This is far from done, I need to make two versions, one with that damaged look and add in damaged cover and broken bulbs, then another one that has a new appearance.


100 Verts (yes, exactly 100)
63 Faces