Creating Garrett Hawke in Red Dead Online

I have got many compliments on my Red Dead Redemption 2 Online character, Garrett Hawke, and a few requests to share how I built him, so I have made this guide that shows how I created this character in Red Dead Online.

I have created this guide for you to use as a starting point if you want a similar look, but I also encourage you to give the character that you create some personal touches to make them uniquely your own.

Garrett mugshot
Wolf Attacked

Garrett Hawke

A character designed to be of half Indigenous American descent. A loner who wanders the world of Red Dead Online, avoiding interactions with others and seeking to just live a simple life of exploring, taking photographs, treasure hunting, and sometimes doing a bit of hunting or helping deliver trade goods or moonshine.

I started playing Red Dead Online on the PS4, but in 2021 I purchased a PC copy of the game and recreated Garrett on the PC version. Since first creating him on the PS4 I have got quite a few compliments on his appearance and a few people have asked if I could share how he was built,. so, here you go. The official build information for Garrett Hawke.

What's in a Name?

I'll start off with explaining why he has the name that he has. Garrett, as some might suspect, comes from the game Thief, and is a name I have liked for many years. I also like the name Hawk, or Hawke, and that comes from two sources. Dragon Age 2 and an old movie called Hawk The Slayer (1980). I decided I like the look of the e at the end for Garrett Hawke. Given that I see the character as having European and Indigenous American parents, the name feels like it would kind'a fit, but I did not do any research on the names of the Wapiti in Red Dead Redemption 2 before I created my online character.

You should choose your character's name with care, keeping in mind what sort of character you want them to be. Your character is, hopefully, going to have that name for a long time, so pick out one that you like the look and sound of, and that feels right for the kind of character you want to play in the game.

I would suggest not going with a historical name, such as Doc Holiday or Jesse James, since others might assume that your character is going to be acting in a similar fashion to their namesake. Perhaps, unless you want to portray those figures in the game, you could pick two that you like and combine names, still providing you with the names you like, but allowing you to define a unique personality for your online character and not be locked in by how others might perceive the character's name and how your own subconscious would view the historical figure.

Most important, have fun and build a character that you will enjoy playing.

Build Data

Now, on to the actual build information. I have divided it into five pages.


Skin Tone


Body Build

Eye Color


Eyes & Brows


Nose Size

Nose Shape

Nose Tip

Mouth & Lips


Mouth Position

Upper Lip Shape

Lower Lip Shape

Lips Depth

Jaw & Chin

Jaw Shape

Jaw Depth

Chin Shape

Chin Depth


Ear Shape & Size


Cheek Shape

Cheek Depth



Hair Color

Facial Hair

Skin Mottling







Again, I encourage you to take advantage of the extensive abilities of the Red Dead Online character builder customization options to add your own adjustments to the settings and make the character you create uniquely your own rather than just follow my build to the last detail. This is provided to be a starting point for your own creation, so that you can get a look you will love.