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Finally got The Division 2 downloaded

Now I just need to get my PS Plus back up and running and I will be able to run with my clan mates. Until then, however, I am going to enjoy doing some of the missions and getting leveled up in the game. It looks awesome!

Still downloading Division 2

I’ve finally got it down to roughly 18 GB, around 73 hours, left to go on my download for The Division 2. I am going to try not to pause the download this time and hope that it will finish even if they update it.

So far, every week, there has been an update to the game that has left me aggravated as I watched my download go from around 15 GB, 72 hours remaining, back up to 46 GB and showing 99+ hours to go. I should have been able to be part of the first beta players, but my connection refused to let me get the game downloaded. Then when the second beta came around my system again refused to let me be a part of it. I had pre-ordered the game, however, it has been updated every time I have almost finished downloading it to the point that I am starting to think that I will never get to play it. Not until it is no longer getting updates.

I kind of want to scream. At the moment I am thinking if it fails this time I might download Conan instead and hold off on The Division 2 a bit longer. At least Conan should not update the entire game every week just as I am about to finish my download of it.

The Black Hole

Scientists have finally managed to get a picture of a black hole.

France Córdova, director of the National Science Foundation, at a Washington, D.C., news conference said, “We’ve been studying black holes so long, sometimes it’s easy to forget that none of us have actually seen one.”

It really is an amazing advancement that will shape the study of the universe going forward. With this image the study of black holes has gone from theory to actually seeing what one looks like. They have become tangible phenomena that we can look at.

And that is no small feat. Black holes are difficult to see.

As much as I would love to do this article justice, I am in a lot of pain at the moment, so … for more information check out the article at Science News and other science resources this week.

No way around major update on Division 2

So, I went to the Ubisoft website to see what is up with the long downloads I am going to be needing to do. Their website says:

If you purchased a physical copy of the game, begin installing from the disc. … your console will simultaneously download Title Update 1 while you install it. Expect a 48-52 GB download…

So, there is no way around that massive update. The frustrating news is that had it taken another day for them to release the 1.04 update, I would have had a much smaller update of maybe 2 gigs to deal with, not the full game all over again.

I did shave some time off by getting the disk at least, as their website also says:

If you purchased a digital copy of the game, expect a 88-92 GB download that comprises both the game and Title Update 1.

It seems that the finished game size is going to be around 88-92 GB.

I’m just hoping that they do not release another update before I can get the game loaded up. It would be seriously painful to have to go through an unending cycle of reloading the same 40 gigs over and over because of my slow internet connection.

The Division 2: Version 1.04 update… I’m still out.

So, this morning I woke up to hear my roommate growling about something, turns out that Ubisoft released update 1.04 for Tom Clancy’s The Division and now my system is updating the game again… all 44.895 gigs of it.

After what… 12 days of keeping my internet usage to the absolute minimum I am back to square one on my download for this game? Argh! Why does it need a full reinstall? Why can’t it just patch the parts that need to be changed? I paid extra to get it on disk so I would not have to install on my crappy internet connection, and now I have to install it again before I can even see the intro screen?

I was keeping an eye on it and estimated that my download rate had been between 2 and 5 gigs a day, depending on usage of the Internet for things like checking email or trying to update my website here, so it should only take another 12 to 15 days for me to update it, if I do nothing on the internet other than update the game.

Unfortunately, my roommate would probably like to use the Internet as well, so I’m looking at 15 to 20 days at least before I can play The Division 2.

To say I am annoyed would be a gross understatement.

17 hours to go on Division 2!

I’ve almost got The Division 2 updated, just 17 more hours to go on the update and I can finally play the game with everyone else. It’s been a harsh week of trying to keep my online stuff to the bare minimum, but in just a couple more days it will pay off. I’m so excited to spend the weekend exploring the game environment.

Crossover Event FFXIV and FFXV April 16th

New items for Final Fantasy XIV based on items from Final Fantasy XV will be made available with the crossover event, including the game’s first ever four-person mount – The Regalia.

Those who have played Final Fantasy XV will be very familiar with the Regalia, the car that the heroes of FFXV ride around in on their adventures. The Regalia will be coming to FFXIV soon, along with other glamour items based on items found in FFXV.

Noct’s attire glamour set will be part of the crossover event. This is a set I am looking forward to, as I think that the coat will look really nice on Tris’tan.

Look for the crossover to begin April 16th, 2019 and run until May 27, 2019.

When do we get wounded glamour items in FFXIV?

There has been a lot of talk in the Final Fantasy XIV community over the years about wanting to have glamour items that allow you to show your character is injured.

A walk into Ishguard will find you walking up the steps with a huyr that is hobbling along using his sword as a cane. Follow him and he goes to where three men are taking a rest. Standing leaned on his sword with his hand across his gut. With him are an elezen holding his injured arm and wearing a bandage across one eye with a nasty scar showing, as well as another huyr that is tending to a downed man with his right arm and leg in casts.

Why do we not get casts for our characters to wear? I’m sure that it is part of the footwear, and so matches to the boot the man wears on his left leg. It appears the arm cast is matched by an empty right arm, so would be easier to allow players to use.

I’m sure that a basic boot or shoe can be devised for the leg cast’s off-side. So, yes, please, Square Enix, when do we get casts and injured poses for our characters?

Injured Ishguardians

Can not play Division 2 until update finished.

I tried, several times, but I am not going to be able to play the Division 2 until it has updated. So, a couple weeks maybe? I’m not sure what download rate is, could be a full month until I can play it.

Finally got Division 2… and have to wait to play it.

I finally got The Division 2 in the mail and after loading the disk up on my Playstation I find out that I need to update to version 1.03 – which means I have to wait a month to play the game. I am going to try to play without the update, because that would just seriously suck if I spent all this time waiting to play it and could not do ANYTHING in the game without waiting a month for my connection to process the game download.

I was so excited to play with my clan mates too. Will see what I can do on the game, and hope that it does at least allow me to play with the character creator and maybe do the first mission without the update. I’ll see how far, if anywhere, I can get and make another post later today on what the result was.



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