Writing Schedule with Yard Work Breaks

I’ve started up a new schedule the past few days thanks to a friend I do relaxation writing with. She gets up around 3 or 4am my time to start getting ready for work, so I have started getting up at that time as well to spend a bit of time with her. She leaves around 5am my time, at which time I go get breakfast and either tea or coffee.

I then dive into working for the day. This means I am working from somewhere between 5 to 6am through to 5pm; when my friend gets back home from her job and logs into her computer. During this work time I have been taking periodic breaks to stand up, stretch, walk around and go out into the yard to do some spring cleaning out there (That yard bit – HUGE HUGE HUGE thing for someone like me, let me tell ya! If I hear a car coming down the street, I’m the sort that has a panic attack and wants to find somewhere to hide while it passes.)

I finish up my work day around 5pm, but I’ll do more work here and there during the evening until around 10pm, when I start trying to wind down for sleep. During that time I usually watch a bit of Netflix or Amazon videos – the past few nights it has been things on Quantum Physics and the Universe; both are a fascination of mine and useful for the science fiction series I am working on. Nothing new learned, but still interesting to watch.

So far this work schedule has been resulting in some good socializing with my friend, a lot of writing work getting done, much needed spring yard work getting done, and some good relaxing video time. Hopefully it is a trend that continues until it is a habit.

Mind Mapping: I hate… Ice cream?

I was working on a mind map for my Sci Fi space travel story that I am working on and it seemed to be going really well, up until I started trying to make a map for things that I hate. At that point I stopped and stared at it in stupification when I wanted to write “Ice Cream” in the “I hate…” map.

That just threw me completely out of the process and left me stammering “but… I DON”T hate ice cream! What the heck brain? How could ANYONE hate ice cream?… well… unless they’re allergic to dairy… but…”

So, okay. This map was not supposed to be about me. I flipped my paper around and underneath the title of the man in the upper left corner I wrote “character plotting map”, just so I would be able to remind myself later on that there was a good reason why I had Ice Cream under the hate entry.

Satisfied I added ice cream and immediately it expanded.

  1. I hate….
    1. Ice Cream
      1. cold
        1. space
        2. ice
      1. semi-melted
        1. Substance between solid and liquid
        2. Cryogenic freezing
          1. Waking in Cryo chamber

I think you can see where my mind when “WOAH!!!!” and realized why for my space travel story ice cream showed up as something that was hated and immediately got “waking in cryo chamber” added to the things I fear mind map.

And, it amuses me that had I not followed “I hate ice cream…” so see where that lead me to, I might not have put something so simple as a fear of waking in a cryo chamber on the list of things that someone living in space might fear. This has lead me to a lot more realizations, including why one of the characters lingering on the sidelines might be claustrophobic.

Nasty Urchins in the Sun

So, today I moved the Nasty Urchins… err I mean nasturtiums out into the yard to spend the morning and afternoon enjoying the sun. This is a effort to avoid them getting all spindly as they try to reach for the sunlight at the window.

I plan to take them out every day and back inside at night for a while, just to be certain they are not killed by early morning cold.

Also… I blame my dad for the Nasty Urchin stuff, he called nasturtiums that.

Writing Journal

LOTS accomplished today. I did a lot of work on the world of my series, worked out establishing my world and how to do that as well as a lot of writing and rewriting until I was content with just how things fit together and what sort of direction I want this series to go in starting with my first book in the series, with the first paragraph and down to what I want to achieve with the very first line even. It is all just preliminary “what if…” roughed out ideas still, but I am liking some of the stuff I am brainstorming.

I am also steadily working my way through some course videos, because I realized I have a bunch of catching up I need to do on things. Yikes!

Writing Journal

Today’s task with the series writing course I am taking lead me to working on things I want to do with the first few paragraphs of book one of the series. What is vital for the book that I need to know about and want to include in the first scene. There was a lot to digest in the videos for this lesson, so I am going to be re watching them, but I feel really good and confidant that if I do things how they are explained I will nail that first scene in a way that will resonate throughout the series to the very end of the final book.

Homeward Bound movie

I watched the Homeward Bound movie for the first time in … I am not sure how many years. It was so much fun watching the adventure’s of Chance, Shadow and Sassy again and I consider this to be one of those timeless movies that I’ll never grow tired of watching over the years.

It does not hurt any at all that Michael J. Fox does the voice for Chance, and that Chance has some of the greatest moments. The scene where he gets his first look at a turkey, the “Arnold Schwarzen-kitty”, or one of my personal favorites; the  “AGH! He bit me with his butt!!!” encounter with a porcupine.

In my experience most movies about animals are either boring to watch or creep over into the realm of fantasy type stories. For Homeward Bound the movie managed to present the animals in very believable scenarios while still giving them a wonderful and very human-style dialogue to share while on this journey. These are not talking animals, these are looks at what your own animals might be saying that you can not understand.

The one flaw I see in the movie is that some of the human scenes are a bit.. lacking. It is not that the actors or crew did not do their best, I am sure they did, it is just… the human scenes have this odd feeling to them of being a bit too flat compared to the tone of the animals. Which, since the animals are most definitely the stars of this particular film, is not exactly a bad thing.

Highly recommended for kids of any age and for adults who just want to see a good movie that will send them along an adventure that sways from intense drama to hilarious comedy to some of the most heart touching of scenes.

Gamer Journal

I had planned to work more on getting Krys’a through the main story quest today, but instead I ended up doing some stuff on my little Xaela character Nigen. The leader of her Freecompany was planning ot do their dailies, so I went along on the leveling roulete on her, since she can do as high as Stone Vigil at level 41 and the healer the person was leveling was at level 46. Worked out good.

Before we hit the leveling roulette, however, we got her past the point she has been at for MONTHS in the main story quest, the very first Garuda trial. It was a smooth run with a fun group.

I then cued us up for leveling roulette and got… Garuda normal mode.

Same exact Garuda fight we had just finished, only with different party members joining us (including a tank that was new to the fight but did what we explained and did it very well).

After that I just poked away at more main story stuff on her and picked up both the Blacksmith and Armorer jobs while I was in Limsa.

Writing Journal, May 4th to 7th

The past few days have been a bit busy and blended together slightly, but I did some work on things that I intend to be keeping in my book series I am working on. Mostly stuff like what characters I know I want to be reoccurring characters and bits of things that I want to be doing with the story.  I also watched some videos for the series writing course I am taking.

Gamer Journal

Spent my gaming time in Final Fantasy XIV again today. Gathered a bunch of grade one Shroud topsoil for one of the freecompanies I am in (full stack of 99 bags of it put into the company chest), harvested and replanted some shards in some grade 1 Shroud soil in the FC garden bed. Then I poked at the main story on Krys’a for the rest of my time in game, finishing up the main story thread that leads up to Baelsar’s Wall part starting before I finally called it a night.

Gamer Journal

I spent most of my time in games today just doing catch-up stuff for Krys on the main story in Final Fantasy XIV. Four of my buddies in the Freecompany that Krys is in helped me take out the Titan Hard Mode fight in an unsynced run, and I then poked away at the main story for the rest of the evening until I fell asleep still logged in to the game.