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Let’s Play The Division – Part 3: Precinct Siege

The third video in my series covers the last mission in the starting area of the game: Precinct Siege. This video ends with the Agent and Faye Lau getting ready to head over to Manhattan.

Comments, criticisms, and suggestions of all sorts are welcomed. I’m still learning how to make these videos, so all constructive feedback is appreciated. 

Who is Gordon Amherst? What to know before you play The Division 2 (spoilers for The Division)

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Gordon Amherst is one of the main NPCs of Tom Clancy’s The Division, but the player never actually gets to meet the scientist.

After the Agent rescues Dr Jessica Kandel, near the beginning of the game, Faye Lau delivers a file to her that reveals that Gordon Amherst was suspected of being the person behind the viral outbreak.

The first real hard evidence that Gordon is the person behind the viral outbreak comes when the Agent is tasked with investigating Gordon’s apartment at the Amherst Apartments complex. The Cleaners have gone in and are cleaning the apartments out with napalm flamethrowers.

Getting into the front of the building the player needs to fight through Cleaners in the courtyard to reach Gordon’s apartment, where they find evidence that they need to take to the far end of the apartment complex. A helicopter has been sent to airlift the evidence back to the base of operations, while the Agent stays behind to deal with the remaining Cleaners before they harm more civilians.

In another location, the Agent is tasked with getting into Abel’s shopping mall, where evidence indicates that the viral outbreak began. It is up to the Agent to get into this ground zero point,  find one of the original dollar bills used to initiate the viral spread, and get it out past a group of cleaners intent on incinerating everyone, and everything, in the mall.

During the search the Agent can view an echo that shows Gordon Amherst in one of the shops claiming that his bank card is not working and asking if he can pay in cash. He is seen passing the first contaminated dollar to a store clerk during the Black Friday shopping rush.

After the player has finished the main story there is a brief mission that leads back to a building near Camp Hudson. Observant players will recognize the building, it is directly across from the point that the Agent first entered the city after catching a ride over from the starting area. They might have paused, as I did, to study the mural of the four horsemen of the apocalypse on the front of the building.

Inside this building, that had been inaccessible until the main story was completed, the player finds several end game things; including the body of Gordon Amherst.

It seems that Gordon Amherst developed the virus as a way to help Mother Nature bring the human race back down to sustainable levels. His goal was to wipe out a significant portion of humanity, thereby stopping the overpopulation of the planet.

Even before the outbreak, Gordon Amherst was known as a controversial and dangerous person. The character was given the personality type of a person that fully believed what they were doing was not only the right thing to do, but the only way the planet could survive. He knew that he would quite likely die from his own creation, and fully accepted that fate.

New Let’s Play for The Division

I’ve started a Let’s Play series for The Division.

This first video is a bit of a beginning background, some character building, and leads up to meeting Faye Lau.

And, part two takes the Agent through the first two side missions of the game.

10 Things to know about The Division before you play The Division 2

With a new Division game set to come out in March of 2019, it is time to start thinking about what players will need to know before they dive into the new game. Below is a relatively spoiler-free list of ten things that players should probably know about Tom Clancy’s The Division before they tackle The Division 2 next year. For those who want a refresher or do not want to play through the first game before they dive into The Division 2, each item links to a much more concise (and spoiler ridden) article on the topic.

  1. Who is Gordon Amherst?
  2. Who is Vitaly Tchernenko?
  3. Who is Jessica Kandel?
  4. What is the Dollar Flu?
  5. What happened to the Country?
  6. What is The Division?
  7. What is an Agent?
  8. Who is Arron Keener?
  9. What is a Rogue?
  10. What is the Dark Zone?

Answers to the Why challenge

On Friday I presented the challenge:

Weekend Design Challenge: write a brief explanation of why you want to take on the chore of creating a video game.

Today you can put your answers in the comments for this post. If you already posted them on Friday’s post, that’s okay, there are no hard rules for these challenges. They are just to provide you with small tasks that can add up to the end result of designing a game of your own. (Or enhancing one you are already working on.)

My answer:

As a child I wanted to be a camera operator for films. As I grew older I began focusing more on writing. I’ve come to realize that video games are the perfect medium for sharing the stories I want to tell. For showing the worlds of my imagination in a way that let’s others not only see the world as I see it, but to also experience it in a way they enjoy.

Share your reason in the comments, and do not worry if it is not the same as my reason, if it’s longer or shorter … there are as many different reasons as there are designers and there is no right or wrong answer to this challenge, only an answer that you can put in a journal and use as a focus going forward.

Black Friday is almost here, time to play Tom Clancy’s The Division

With Black Friday just around the corner, I have decided that it is time, once again, to play Tom Clancy’s The Division. Perhaps it is extra fitting that I am battling the flu as I type this?

Between now and the 23rd I will be posting a series that I have been working on to bring people up to speed about the world of The Division and explain what I feel are the 10 most important things to know about the first game before playing The Division 2. The last of these will be posted on November 22.

I am also working on a new Let’s Play series that, if my internet allows, I will upload later tonight or tomorrow. In this new series I’ll be exploring the game starting with a new character. At the moment the first video is being saved in HD format on my ancient desktop computer. It’s at 20% as I type this, and I’ll start uploading it to YouTube as soon as it’s finished.

Raven vs Rat in Tom Clancy’s The Division

I’ve started playing Tom Clancy’s The Division again and one of the things that always catches my attention is the interactions the animals have. Such as this raven trying to grab this rat by the tail. I love the defiant “you wanna fight?” hops the rat makes at the raven before it goes back to what in is after in the snowbank.

I spied the raven and rat down the street and zoomed in with my scope, then got as close as I dared, unfortunately the pedestrian got uneasy when he saw me aiming a sniper rifle down the street in his direction and all three took off.

Weekend Design Challenge: 1 – Why?

I went on a trip around the Internet this afternoon, looking for weekend challenges such as the old Weekend Blend challenges that I used to participate in at the Blender Artists Community.  I wanted something similar, but for game designers. So far I have not found anything that matches what I had in mind, so I have decided I will begin my own challenge here on my website.

What I want is a series of challenges that focus on game design on a small scale, that can be built upon or combined over time to help indie game designers create high quality games by working just a bit at a time on them. Most of the things I have found are focused on Game Jams of rapidly building games, or they just do not fit what it is I want out of a challenge: which is small steps each week that build toward the game I want to build.

Starting today I will be hosting a weekend Game Design Challenge every Friday. On Friday mornings I will announce a design challenge for the weekend ahead and ask you to return on Monday to share what you did over the weekend. It is okay if you are late, these challenges are for fun and to help keep us all motivated. Later on, as the challenge grows, I will be creating a challenge page to make it easier to find the challenge posts.  

Today’s Weekend Design Challenge: write a brief explanation of why you want to take on the chore of creating a video game.

(You can find the answer post for this challenge here.)

Broken Time

I took a stroll around the web to browse a few other game dev websites as part of my goal to have this website fully re-built by January 1, 2019. This stroll led me to the Game Career Guide website, a property of Gamasutra, and my attention was caught by a challenge they posted this past Tuesday:

Game Design Challenge: Just in Time

Anyone that knows me will likely know that theme is right up my alley, so of course I decided to take a closer look. After perusing the posting I clicked on the link to visit the forum where they said to go and found…

Welcome to the Game Career Guide Forums.

Unfortunately, this forum has been locked as of 1st September 2017. I would like to thank to all of those that have participated in the many years this forum has been active and a special thanks to all the volunteer moderators and admins.

Uhh… wait, what?

I went back and double-checked the post and, sure enough, the challenge had been posted just two days ago, but it looks like they might have broken time. Or expect the entrants to do so.

I’ll still be participating in the challenge so, if anyone else is feel free to use the comments here or the Phantascene Discord server in lieu of the closed Game Career Guide forums.

That Dragon, Cancer

On May 17, 2017 a video was posted to the TED channel on YouTube about a video game to cope with grief. The TED guest speaker is video game designer Amy Green, who, with her husband, created a video game autobiography of the life and death of her son.

The game is not an easy one, but the difficulty is an emotional one. There is no beating it through increasing levels or better gear. There is only one ending.  Green says: “We made a game that’s hard to play, because the hardest moments of our lives change us more than any goal we could ever accomplish.”



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