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Here it is, the first of my Fallout 4 Let’s Play videos

In this special 4 part set to kick off my Let’s Play series for Fallout 4:

Tristan Hawke, a former military special forces sniper, finds his life devastated by the onset of nuclear war. Tristan flees his home in the suburbs with his wife, Nora, and their infant son, Shaun, to seek out the safety he has been told awaits them in the latest of Vault-Tech’s survival shelters – Vault 111, but is it really the safe place the Vault-Tech representative claimed it to be? Or does Vault 111 harbor dark secrets and hidden dangers?




This is a Fallout 4 Let’s Play video – the first in a series of Let’s Play videos for Bethesda’s Fallout 4, that I am making as my starter project in learning how to make game play videos. This is not only the first in my Let’s Play Fallout 4 series, it is also the very fist Let’s Play gameplay video I have ever made.

This special starter set of videos totals about an hour’s worth of gameplay, and has been divided into roughly 15 minute blocks. (Think of it like the hour long premier of a new series set in Bethesda’s Fallout setting.)

I am playing the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 4, so I have all of the Add-ons.

The Add-ons included with the GOTY edition are:
Wasteland Workshop
Far Harbor
Contraptions Workshop
Vault-Tech Workshop

I am also using Bethesda’s Fallout Pip-Boy app on my cell phone

The Mods I have installed are:
[PS4] OCDecorator
[PS4] STC – Base Game – Scrap That Commonwealth!
[PS4] STS – Base Game – Scrap That Settlement!
Gone Hunting/Fishing
[PS4] Simple Camping
[PS4] Posters of the Commonwealth
[PS4] Static Baskets and Bins
Postwar Workshop
And can be found at Bethesda’s Fallout 4 mods site.

I can’t include music in my videos, but, if you want to listen to the game’s music you can find it over at Amazon, I highly recommend it, the game has awesome music.
Fallout 4 (Original Game Soundtrack)

And, it figures that while I am snuggled in my coat to stay warm I should find:
Fallout Fleece Blankets
I want them all. lol

[Note: Some of the links included with this video are affiliate links]

Permission to create this video and monetize it has been kindly granted by Bethesda

Changes under way

Phantascene is undergoing some changes, but don’t worry, they are for the good and my writing is not going away, although it will most likely be moved into a sub section of the site. Not sure on the end result yet, but I know major changes are being plotted in my notebook. And… this video will explain them, or if you want to read the transcript I have it in Changed Announcement Transcript under Hello World up there in the top menu bar.

Writing is about perspective

Last night I had a talk with a friend of mine about the story I am working on and getting it written. We talked about a lot of stuff, and there was a lot of things I could not explain about the story; such as how it was going to end, or what it was that the protagonist in it was fighting for. Somewhere along the way the idea of giving him a pet raccoon was added into the mix of things we talked about. The conversation wrapped up with a bit on my struggles with the right way to end a story, and the feeling I had like I had forgot how to finish a story.

It was a good talk, and I am still arguing with the character about why I do not want to give him a raccoon.

As I started working this morning I was still thinking about the things we had talked about (and arguing with the character on why he could or could not have a pet raccoon). I was also contemplating the way writers approach a story, how structure is determined, and I saw a few quotes that I liked. I dug out my old green artist’s journal to record them. This old green book is based on the book from the novel Illusions, where I open it at random, read the quote that is written on whatever page I open it to, then get back to work. Today I added three more quotes to random pages because of how they resonated with me on the current struggles I was experiencing:

Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.

~ George Orwell


The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.

~ Philip Roth


Before I wrote the Potter books, I’d never finished a novel.

~ J.K. Rowling


After I had those quotes written, I flipped through a few pages and found the only entry that I have included that is a quote I myself made at one time. It was in a chat with a friend, the same one I was talking with last night, back in August of 2003.

So far I got this page worth of text… well… a page with text on it… one letter… an e… but it’s a capitol e!

And there is, to me, a good example of perspective in writing. It did not matter to me at the time that I was staring at a page, and had been for some time, on which the only writing was a single capitalized letter of the most common letter in the English language. I had something on the page, it was no longer a blank page, I could work with that, I could write something from that. Would I keep that E in the finished work? I have no idea, I do not even recall what I was trying to write at the time, but whether or not I kept it does not matter. I had started working on whatever I was writing and from that meager beginning a written work was born.

Writing is all about getting started. Begin with a single letter and from that build a word, transform that word into a sentence that becomes part of a paragraph and keep building outward into pages and chapters and into a finished story. It all begins with a single letter on the page.

I still have not figured out that elusive ‘how does one end a novel?’, but for the moment, I think I will take my cue from the King in Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland:

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop”

Wind in West Nursery Rhyme

Last night I was reading an old nursery thyme book online and as I paged through a few more pages today I found this little rhyme…

WHEN the wind is in the east,
‘Tis neither good for man nor beast;
When the wind is in the north,
The skilful fisher goes not forth;
When the wind is in the south,
It blows the bait in the fishes’ mouth;
When the wind is in the west,
Then ’tis at the very best.

I like to think that is a good sign, since on January 1st there was a steady wind all through the day here that blew in out of the west. So, maybe 2018 is going to be better than 2017 after all? One can hope I suppose. At the very least I still have power and internet as of my posting this, so there is that at least.

2018 Resolutions

It is now 2018 and I have decided that I should probably think up a few resolutions for the year, so… here goes, my resolutions for 2018, in no particular order:

  1. Publish a non-fiction ebook on Amazon
  2. Publish a fiction novel on Amazon
  3. Write at least one scene for my novels every day
  4. Continue daily exercises – nothing major, just stuff to get me moving rather than sitting at desk all day working
  5. Earn enough to pay at least the phone and electric bills each month by the end of the year
  6. Keep my desk clean by cleaning it every day after I finish work for the day
  7. Keep my trailer clean by cleaning and organizing it once a week

Note thatfor my book publishing I am limiting myself to just one non-fiction and one fiction book. I actually hope to publish more of each kind, but I am only resolving to one of each for the year, just so I do not get completely discouraged by something like ‘1 per month’ or something.

Provided I have access to the internet and electric I also want to…

  1. Post at least 1 video to my YouTube Videos  every week during the year
  2. Start a podcast
  3. Post daily to my website (here)
  4. Post daily to my Patreon page
  5. Get back into working on my social media networking that I’ve let go stale for far too long
  6. Built up my Wyvern’s Crest website
  7. Create, sell, and share 3D models and projects

If you would like to help me create novels and 3D assets you can visit my Patreon page at the link above and become a patron of the arts starting at just $1 a month.

Do you have your own list of resolutions? I would love to see what they are if you want to share them in the comments.

Happy New Year

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2018.


Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve 2017

Here we are, at the end of 2017 and all I can think is that 2018 is going to be another awful year. Still without an income and the bills are looming. My one hope for the year had been to go into it with a new job and the ability to keep the electricity on, but… it seems that is not to be, so, instead, I offer a hope that the new year is a good one for all of my associates, friends, and family.

If I am not seen after the start of the new year know that I will be back when I can manage to get a job and the phone and electricity back on, and until then, I hope for you a wonderful and joy-filled year in 2018.

How much of an expert is that expert?

I was looking for work in the writing field a little while ago and I came across a listing that made me pause. Not because I wanted to take the work, but because it was just… I’m not sure how I feel about the listing, or the realization that it is probably more common than I had suspected before.

When we hear about an expert in a field we think the person has a lot of experience with a subject. This is backed up when we see that the person is someone who has published in that field or has a website or blog or social media sites that focus on the topic.

But… what then are we to think when things like this happen?

“I am looking for someone to help with expert/authority development of myself as a thought leader in the eCommerce Strategy and Digital Marketing space.”

That is the first sentence of a job listing posted to a website for freelancers to find work. Could I do the work the person wants done? Yes, but… how ethical would that be? The job listing asks for someone to give assistance with:

  • Article Topic Ideation
  • LinkedIn Article Writing
  • Blog and Article Writing
  • Submission of Written Articles to Prominent Business Publications
  • LinkedIn Network Development
  • LinkedIn Recommendation Management
  • Blog Creation and Management 

So, this person is looking for someone who is able to create a high quality blog for them, come up with ideas and concepts for articles that they then write and submit to prominent business publications for the person, and to make the person look good on LinkedIn and develop for them a network on LinkedIn to establish them as an expert in the field of eCommerce strategy and digital marketing… whether or not they have the actual skills and experience that they are asking for someone else to set up for them.

It just seems a little wrong to me. The person who created the requested appearance of expertise is the real expert, so that inspires the question of just how much of an expert the person who hired them is? The person might be a highly skilled and respected person in the field, I do not know, but if they are – why do they not already have this stuff in place? Maybe they did not have the time while gaining their expertise, or maybe they never thought of such things until recently.

It still leaves me wondering how we could know if the person is, in fact, an expert or if they just decided they would like to be seen as something they are not. I would love for anyone that reads this to share their thoughts. In a time when it is easy to hire someone for pennies to create an illusion of expertise, how do we know that the person we have gone to is truly an expert on the subject we are seeking their expertise on? What options are there when books, blogs, even social media can be ghost written?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments, I would love to hear them.

Cold Mornings and Meager Meals

As I am writing this the weather app says that it is -3F in Houston, Alaska. Based on past experience it is a good 5 to 10 degrees colder where I am, making it between -8 and -13 F where I live. I am curled up on my bed, pillows piled all around me, my winter jacket wrapped around my shoulders to combat the icy draft creeping in behind me, and my electric heater is set about three feet away from me and the air is cold by the time it gets to where I am.

Not exactly the best of mornings, but it is an average one for me.

Something else that has become my normal of late is making due with minimal pantry stores. Last night I dug around the kitchen and came up with rice and a spoon of chili powder to make dinner. I was going to add a can of red beans to it, until I saw the best by date was in 2015. 3 years outdated. I considered that for a long moment before I thought ‘it is best by, not use by…’. Recalling hearing once that canned food can be edible longer than the date says it is good for, I opened the can. The liquid was a bit heavy looking and as I poured it off it turned out to be a bit thick and sludgy. I ditched that can and instead opened up a can of garbanzo beans. So, dinner was rice with a spoon of chili powder and a half a can of garbanzo beans which my brother saved by sending me a can of condensed soup that I poured over that odd mixture.

This is all survivable, but as I sit here on my bed wrapped in sleeping bags and my winter jacket I can not help but wonder what will happen in the days ahead if the power is cut off or I can not find a job. It is feeling like there are very dark days ahead.

New Story in the Beginning Phase

I am working on a new story. You can find out more about it and why I have added it to my workload at New Story Added to my Stories.