Gamer Journal: Shiva Pony!

I was just lazying about on Tris’tan and ended up joining a late night Shiva pony farm. It was not easy getting members for it at the time it was formed, but we finally got 5 people who did not drop out after a few moments of waiting for the party to fill.

As usual I promised the group that I was there for the long term, and since it was so late in the evening and we were all really wanting to get ponies, I promised them that as long as they were still in the run I would stay until everyone in the starting group had their pony.

It took a while, and there was a long stretch of no pony drops, but by the end of it the organizer had the three tears they needed for their relic weapon, I had a upgraded diamond astrolabe and several other weapons including the dark knight sword, the ninja knives and the warrior axe, and we all had a shiny new Shiva Pony to add to our collections.  There were no nightmare drops, but the person who organized it said they planned to try for a nightmare farm of Garuda tomorrow evening around the same time.


I have very fond memories of nasturtiums. They were one of my mom’s favorite flowers, and whenever we had flowers in the yard there would be bushy nasturtium plants along the garden beds at the edge of the driveway, along the porch, and in the hanging planters.

There were a few times over the years when I would use nasturtium flowers, which have a peppery flavor, in salads or as edible flower decorations on cakes.

This year I can’t do much in the way of planting things, but I at least had my sister-in-law pick me up a pack of nasturtium seeds and have some of them planted in a few small pots on the counter of my trailer.

Gamer Journal

I got the DLC for the Amazon order. The outfit is nice and the cloud is rather cool looking. The cloud is not anything I would use in character, well.. I might on Nymandus, but he’d be the only one that could pull it off if even he could. The bo might just become Tris’tan’s lance for jousting matches though, since it is blunted like jousting lances are supposed to be. Just wish he could hold it in his hand when mounted. That would be nice.

I was going to add a image of Tris in the attire and riding the cloud, but there is something glitching about my image uploads so I will have to add that in later.

Writing Journal

Spent the day working on my series information and finally got a good rough teaser for what the back of the first book of the series would look like, as well as some hot points for a few of the characters that I know will be showing up throughout the series. I had not intended for Ezra to be a lead, but it is starting to look like I will have him being the main focus for the series. It is fun discovering how things work and seeing small bits of information drop into place and work. I knew I loved LaVellen Engineering, but had not really considered the CEO of it as being a main character until now.

Gaming Journal

I almost did not even turn on any games today, then I remembered my Thavnairian Onion on Final Fantasy and turned it on long enough to tend to the plant and send the company airship back out on another flight.

Writing Journal

I did a bunch more work on my Story Bible book today as well as started up a document in Scrivener to start organizing things there for writing.

The biggest achievements for today were in getting a pitch line wrote for my series as well as finalizing the theme. I also came up with an idea for a secondary species to be a part of the world setting along with humans, but I am not entirely sure yet if I will be using it or not so no0t yet ready to say anything about it.

Other than that I re-watched some lesson videos and checked for new posts on the forums for the class I am taking.

Tomorrow I should be moving to the next set of lessons for the course.

Hunting Hawk Final Fantasy XIV

At long last, Tris’tan has the hunting hawk to accompany him when he goes out mining. A friend sent him to Tris as an early birthday gift to me. 🙂

The hunting Hawk is a Diadem item gotten for going on airship runs into the Diadem. I’ve wanted one for Tris since the thing was first introduced to the game and have almost bought them off the markets more than a few times. I am content now, though, Tris has his companion hunting hawk. Now I just need to figure out how to make it an in character minion for RP.

Writing Journal

Finally, getting more writing done than non-writing stuff

Writing Journal, May 1st

I got some writing work done finally. I did a bit of scheming on the theme to my series, think I have that figured out but not yet ready to share what it is. It also involved a bit of research as I tried to beat into my thick head what exactly the THEME of a story is. Don’t know why, but I keep wanting to make that so much more complicated than it seems that it is.

For me THEME seems like it should be almost a mini plot outline that explains what your story is all about, but it looks like when you look online for story theme most examples are just one word: Love, revenge, injustice…

I’m going to try for a single word summation, which I suppose would be “secrecy” — dunno, but I’ll be expanding that out; up to ten words to define what the theme is. I want to keep it small enough I can write it on one line of my notebook, but expanded enough I am not staring at a potentially broad header for what my story is about. Because, let’s face it, if all you say is that the theme is “Love” then you have a LOT of different stories that could be described.

Series Bible

I have a black leatherette bound journal I have re-purposed a few dozen times since buying it that I have now turned into the Series Bible for my series I am working on. I’ll be using that to keep track of all of the major information that I set in stone about the world and characters.

Gamer Journal

Final Fantasy:

Got a Thavnairian Onion planted for Tris’tan’s chocobo, which is sitting at rank 13. Also hopped into a cross-server bird farm group to ask if noobs was okay, and the person leading it said it was. So I finally got my Shiva Ex clear on Tris’tan. The person who had organized the farm loot-mastered the horse when it dropped and then after it was clear I was not leaving until the loot was all taken or dropped they set the ice spear and ice shield to greed and rolled against me on them, I got both for Tris, which is nice, since the shield will be a glamor item and I am leveling his lancer so the lance will likely be usable as well as a glamor item. They left and both of the songs fell into my inventory as well. Other than that I just fiddled around, checked retainers and picked up a replacement to my moldering Wonderous Tales book.


Tried to get my roomate the three loot boxes after the reset on the weekly deal, but only one person in our group was really very keen on doing PvP matches, so we did a few AI runs then hopped over to Warframe.


I had a pretty good time in Warframe. I still don’t understand most of the game, but went through a couple of matches where I was thrown into a fairly safe fight place with the three showing me the game and that let me start learning how to use the controls. I got the first few missions done as well and apparently got one of the better bows in the game dropped into my lap, so we’re collecting me what I need to be able to build that.

I like the hacking feature for turning off alarm systems in the game, which I am told gets harder the higher I go though things. I look forward to having fun trying to get those things.

Did have an odd issue where, for some reason, the prisoner I was supposed to save re-spawned to the prison cell and I had to run back to get him. He had not re-spawned for the others, however, and while I was handing him a pistol to guide him out one of the others made it to the end and the mission ended. Was kind of amusing and made all of us confused for why he re-spawned on me like that.

Gamer Journal


I said in my last post that I got the Blackwatch Skin for McCree at long last in Overwatch. It took me 48 levels and a few extra loot boxes to get my hands on the blasted thing, but I am now a very happy Overwatch player. 😀

Even had enough credits to buy all of the voice lines and stuff I had not yet got him from the event.

It was a fun run, even with the few instances where people would drag me into PvP matches when I was trying to play vs AI for gaining levels. I didn’t do terrible, one match we won two rounds before the other team got three wins in a row. I still dislike playing PvP though. It’s okay and offers a good challenge, but I prefer to work with my fellow players, not against them. And besides, the AI in Overwatch seems pretty good – the things know to run for heals and I’ve even seen the bastards camp a heal point when I was in a shootout with them.


I got my Final Fantasy Subscription renewed at long last. I was able to log in to get the Easter  stuff on a couple of my characters thanks to the free to play deal they had had going on at that time, but otherwise I have been out of the game since I think February. I’m still waiting to get the DLC stuff for having got my game time card through Amazon.

I missed playing Final Fantasy and still have to get through the last few parts of the main story quest on Tris’tan and Krys’a so I can take them into Stormblood. I also found out that Stormblood is going to have the early play set for June 16th, making it possible for me to play it on my birthday if I can get that pre-ordered.


Some guys I know have got me to download Warframe and I started up a character on it so I can play matches with them sometimes. So far it seems to be a pretty fun game, although it looks like it had a pretty big learning curve and I expect to be lost a LOT of the time on there.