TV gave up and died finally

Back around 2009 or 2010 I purchased a 40″ Element TV set. After I had to move out of my home in 2012 and into a small camp trailer the TV became my home theater system, one of the very few actual luxury items I kept and made room for in my new small home. After the first year of living in the trailer I noticed the color was going flaky then the TV started having issues turning back on when it was turned off. I would turn it on and it would take hours before it was actually watchable because the color would be all washed out with the blacks all being that sort of blue tone you see in comics. For a while I just left the TV on all the time, but I eventually lost the black colors completely and it was all this wet-washed blue tone where the black color should have been so I stopped leaving the TV on all the time.

Earlier I turned it on so I could watch another episode of Suits while I ate something before I dove back into my work for the afternoon, the TV flickered a couple of times then seemed to be working as normally as it ever does with it’s color issues, then the screen shut off and nothing I have tried has been able to get the picture back. I can get sound, but no image.

It seems that my TV has finally just flat given up and stopped working after all these years and… I have no way to replace it at this time. To say that I am depressed might be putting it lightly, since that TV was 99% of how I calmed myself when the stress got too overwhelming and it could be months before I can get any size to replace it, I seriously doubt I could ever get ahold of another large screen like that one was.

New Overwatch Hero: Doomfist

Overwatch has a new hero in the mix today, Doomfist. I have not got the chance to test him out for myself yet, but I already know I will be staying with my current favorites, McCree with backup choices of D.Va, Ana and Tracer. I’m still looking forward to getting to try this new hero out, however, and have the update all loaded onto my PS4 so after I get my work caught up I can take a look at how this guy works. I’ll let you know what I think when I can get the chance to take him for a run, but I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts about this new hero.

3D Keys

I made a scaled key in Blender and added a few different looks to it, from old rusted to brass to a nice shiny steel key look. I am thinking I will make a few more things like this. When I was making it I also created a full door knob assembly, but I have not yet got any screen captures of that since I have not yet found a look I like for the final texture on the knob.

Old Building Redesign

A while back I made a base for a research hospital. It turned out okay, but I never actually went much beyond just the base building shape and a brick skin on a building with no doors or windows or- anything.

The current model as it sets in my files is the barest of bones just waiting to have some things added to it to make it come alive, but it has a few flaws. Other than the lack of doors or windows. It was made while I was still learning to properly texture things in the latest (at that time) version of Blender when I had got back into using the 3D suite. It’s nicely unwrapped and mapped and everything, but I have learned a lot more about such things since I made this building, so I am going to be doing a lot of work to bring the base up to date before I dive in and start really adjusting how it all works together.

So, one last look at how this used to look before I dive in and start rebuilding it like the 6 Million Dollar Man.

Roughed out 3D building


I’ve decided that I am going to take another look at Patreon and what it is for artists. I’ve toyed with the idea of using the site for a while now, but have never done more than teased at ideas for how I might set up a page there. I’ve decided that I am going to take the leap, however, and get myself all set up with that site as a place where people can provide patron of the arts style support for my efforts to get my 3D work polished enough that I can make a living as a 3D artist. I know that there is good money in 3D art for not just games, but product placement, concept design, catalogs, virtual tours, 3D printers, film, TV, and so much more.

I’ll give more information here at my website when I get the Patreon page live.

Independence Day

It’s Independence Day, so happy 4th to all my fellow Americans! Good day to kick back and watch a few movies. Someday I want to get back into going to watch big displays, I’ve seen a few up here in Alaska, but the only thing that has ever yet come close to the ones I recall as a child was one many years ago that had been set off at the end of the State Fair where they had the fireworks timed to the music they were playing over the PA system. That had been the last time I had actually gone to the State Fair though, and the last time I had watched any of the other local displays was from across the lake from where they were setting them off maybe 8 or 10 years ago. Otherwise I just watch the ones the neighbors and the fireworks stands up along the highway set off.

Poliigon CG Materials

I’ve been considering joining the website Poliigon, which has CG materials for photorealistic renders. I’ve followed the guys behind the site on YouTube for a few years now, and I have decided to try a few of the free materials they have to see if I want to give the 30 days trial a go or not. It could save me a lot of time on making models if I did not have to dedicate so much time to making all of the materials myself, so it could be a good move to subscribe to the site for my artwork. We’ll see.

Happy Birthday to Me

It seems like birthdays have become less of a cause for celebrating and more of a yearly day to evaluate my life and decide if I have gotten to where I want to be in it or not, as well as a day to consider how few years I have left in which to achieve the things I always said I was going to do. I’ve long since given up on a lot of the things I wanted to do in life, but as I stare down the barrel of mid-life crisis territory I am forced to consider that it is midlife, and while my best years might be behind me, there is nothing to say that I can’t achieve a lot going forward.

Sick days

I’ve been sick lately, so have not been getting a lot done. Hopefully I am over it now and can get back to getting things done and working.

The Antikythera Mechanism

For decades I have been fascinated by a small device that was discovered in 1902 off the Greek island of Antikythera, a device that today made its way into a Google Doodle in celebration of the 115th anniversary of its discovery – the Antikythera Mechanism.

This device has been called by many the world’s first computer and it is easy to see why when you study the intricate mechanisms that bear markings of astronomical symbols.  Through study of the device and it’s markings scientists have determined that the largest of the pieces so far discovered would have rotated once a year to track the Sun in relation to the stars. Inscriptions have also revealed that now missing pointers would have been adorned with colored balls; gold for the Sun, a fiery red ball for Mars…

Many of the pieces have been lost forever or still await discovery off the coast of Greece, but scientists have discovered much through a study of the parts that have been found and the inscriptions visible on those. The calendar has names that were used in Corinth in Northwest Greece. There is a dial that tracked the major athletic festivals.; including the Olympics, and lists both Naa and Halieia. Naa was held in northwest Greece while Halieia is from on the Isle of Rhodes to the south.

While the Antikythera Mechanism is hailed as being the oldest found such mechanism there is evidence of such devices predating the time the mechanism is presumed to have been made. Posidonius, an ancient philosopher believed to have made the device, had a workshop in Rhodes and created a similar model of the heavens in the first century B.C.. Going back a bit further, to the third century B.C. and there is evidence of Archimedes having made a bronze device. Going back further, to 205 B.C., when the represented eclipse cycle is believed to have began, indicates that it might have been an astronomer in Rhodes named Hipparchus, who blended the Babylonian arithmatic-based predictions with the geometiric theories of Greece, who worked out the math for the device.

Whatever the origin of the device and its intricate workings, one thing is undeniably true about the Antikythera Mechanism, it ignites the imagination with thoughts of what if science had not suffered so many setbacks and hardships throughout the course of history?