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Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redmption 2 is the prequil to the 2010 hit action-adventure western game Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games.

In Red Dead Redemption 2 we are taken back a little further into the last days of the wild west and high into the mountains where a small group of outlaws has been chased into a high mountain blizard by Pinkerton Detectives.

The game starts out with several wagons that struggle through a blizard. The camera moves to show the back of the lead wagon and we see Reverand Swanson drop down from the back of the wagon, he moves up and around the wagon until he can tell the driver, “Abigail says he’s dying, Dutch.”

Thus begins the story of the last days of the Dutch Vanderlind gang.

NOTE: This guide is currently under construction.

Using the Camera

  1. Colter
    • The Mining Town
    • Travel Restrictions
    • Mr. Pearson – Hunting for Food
  2. Horseshoe Overlook
    • The Campsite
    • Chores
    • Missions
      1. Uncle
      2. Reverend Swanson
  • Compendium
    • Animals
      • Aligator
      • Woodpecker
    • Equipment
    • Fish
    • Gangs
    • Plants
    • Horses
    • Weapons
    • Cigarette Cards
      • Famous Gunslingers
      • Artists
      • Vistas of America
      • Gems of Beauty
      • Flora of America
      • Stars of the State
      • Fauna of America
      • Marvels of Travel
      • World Champions
      • Amazing Inventions
      • Horses
      • Americans

Release Date: October 26, 2018
Developers: Rockstar Games. Rockstar North
Buy on Amazon: PC (online game code), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, XBox One Digital Code,

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