Independence Day

It’s Independence Day, so happy 4th to all my fellow Americans! Good day to kick back and watch a few movies. Someday I want to get back into going to watch big displays, I’ve seen a few up here in Alaska, but the only thing that has ever yet come close to the ones I […]

Happy Birthday to Me

It seems like birthdays have become less of a cause for celebrating and more of a yearly day to evaluate my life and decide if I have gotten to where I want to be in it or not, as well as a day to consider how few years I have left in which to achieve […]

Sick days

I’ve been sick lately, so have not been getting a lot done. Hopefully I am over it now and can get back to getting things done and working.

Writing Journal

I did a lot of work today, got through all of the information on the older original version of the expanded much more intensive class I am taking on series writing and have now started into my first official lesson of the course.

Because it is in the splinters stage and being created around those […]

Writing Schedule with Yard Work Breaks

I’ve started up a new schedule the past few days thanks to a friend I do relaxation writing with. She gets up around 3 or 4am my time to start getting ready for work, so I have started getting up at that time as well to spend a bit of time with her. She leaves […]

Nasty Urchins in the Sun

So, today I moved the Nasty Urchins… err I mean nasturtiums out into the yard to spend the morning and afternoon enjoying the sun. This is a effort to avoid them getting all spindly as they try to reach for the sunlight at the window.

I plan to take them out every day and back […]

Homeward Bound movie

I watched the Homeward Bound movie for the first time in … I am not sure how many years. It was so much fun watching the adventure’s of Chance, Shadow and Sassy again and I consider this to be one of those timeless movies that I’ll never grow tired of watching over the years.

It […]


I have very fond memories of nasturtiums. They were one of my mom’s favorite flowers, and whenever we had flowers in the yard there would be bushy nasturtium plants along the garden beds at the edge of the driveway, along the porch, and in the hanging planters.

There were a few times over the years […]

Gamer Journal


I said in my last post that I got the Blackwatch Skin for McCree at long last in Overwatch. It took me 48 levels and a few extra loot boxes to get my hands on the blasted thing, but I am now a very happy Overwatch player. 😀

Even had enough credits to […]

Happy Easter!

This sort of crept up on me and I had not even realized it WAS Easter until someone on Skype wished me a happy Easter, so… Happy Easter!


(Joys of being a shut-in that does not watch TV I suppose.)