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Dvorak Learning Curve

I’m still getting used to the Dvorak keyboard layout, but I’m learning where the keys are and the typing is still easier for me than the QWERTY layout had been. At the moment, aside from a few letters, I know where all the keys are.

I’m still liking the layout, just frustrated by the slowness […]

Writing and Realism

I’ve been watching Castle for the past few days and enjoying it. It is one of those shows that I’d seen a few episodes when it was on and always wanted to watch.

As I said, I was enjoying it. Then I hit episode 13 of Season 2. They find this plastic sealed substance and […]

What Parents Need to Know About the Dangers of Video Games

Imagine for a moment, if you would, a group of concerned parents gathered in a room with civic leaders to discuss the dangers that something poses to their children. Times are changing quickly and many parents are feeling a growing concern for their children, a concern made stronger by the concerns that people they consider […]

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld to be a 6-part miniseries

When I was younger my dad was always recommending books that he thought I would enjoy reading, and one of the series that he suggested was Discworld by Terry Pratchett. I still have not had the chance to settle down with any of these wonderful books, but I did get the chance to see two […]

Happy Valentines Day

I’m not much for relationships, but I’ve always kind of liked Valentine’s Day, I think it’s the hopeless romantic in me. Maybe I’ll spend the day plotting out some mushy romance story to never get around to writing… hmmm… or a horror story about those little arrow toting cherubs and hearts… that could have potential.


Happy New Year

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2018.


Happy New Year!

Fires in California

I got to doing a bit of exploring on the TV my roomate had got me a few months ago and discovered that I can watch the news on it. It is one of those smart TVs, which had turned out to be the cheapest TV he could get when he bought it for me, […]

I was given Fallout 4 as an early holiday gift

My roomate got me Fallout 4 on the Black Friday sales and gave it to me as an early holiday present. I’ve been wanting this game for a long while now and am looking forward to getting the chance to explore it and have some fun playing it.

Independence Day

It’s Independence Day, so happy 4th to all my fellow Americans! Good day to kick back and watch a few movies. Someday I want to get back into going to watch big displays, I’ve seen a few up here in Alaska, but the only thing that has ever yet come close to the ones I […]

Happy Birthday to Me

It seems like birthdays have become less of a cause for celebrating and more of a yearly day to evaluate my life and decide if I have gotten to where I want to be in it or not, as well as a day to consider how few years I have left in which to achieve […]



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