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Hello World

Well met and welcome.

I am Sandra Fikes, the owner of this website and a freelance writer and avid gamer living in rural Alaska.

What is Phantascene Productions? It is a small independently run website dedicated to my work as a freelance writer and 3D artist as well as being a place to provide news, information, and resources of interest to independent game designers.

Site Mission: To explore the world of video games and provide articles and information to help support independent game developers working to create high quality video games on low budgets.

What to Expect: When I think about the process of creating video games, I can not help but consider a multitude of topics that, in my mind, come together to create the specific formula one needs to build a video game. This includes:

  • A 3D modeling program
  • An understanding of story creation
  • A passion for playing video games
  • Game engines
  • Audio editing software
  • and so much more…

Given all of the elements that need to be brought together to create games, I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to limit my website to any one topic. So, on this website you will find articles on programs that can be used for game creation, articles and information on writing, posts that focus on popular games and my experiences as a gamer, and much more.


Writing: Video games are entertainment, and as such they hold stories. Perhaps the story is the core element of the game, or maybe it is a loose backdrop, but most video games have some kind of story to tell and for that reason game developers need to have some understanding of how stories are constructed.

Open Source Programs: The focus at Phantascene is to help independent game developers create high quality games with low budgets, and for that reason Open Source programs will be discussed frequently.

Gaming: One should not strive to share knowledge on a topic that they are not passionate about, for that reason I have chosen to keep the more casually written posts about my own experiences as a gamer on this site.

What you will find on this site is my own thoughts and experiences. Some of it will be different from what you will find elsewhere, but that is because I believe that there are more ways than one to achieve a goal; or as my dad used to say, “There’s more than one way to de-fur the feline.”

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