How to use Survival NPC - Michael "Mike" Davies with Advanced Locomotion System V4

How to Set up Survival NPC - Michael "Mike" Davies, by Yartawah Interactive, with the Advanced Locomotion System V4 in Unreal Engine 5.0.

7. Missing Bone Surgery

The first time you open the skeleton for your character you will get an alert telling you that it is missing necessary bones which Unreal Engine will add for you, so you might as well get that surgery over with now by opening the skeleton, letting it add the bones, then closing it.

The added bones are:

  • VB LHS_ik_hand_r
  • VB LHS_ik_hand_l

8. Creating your _AnimBP

Browse to:


You will want top right-click on ALS_AnimBP and in the popup menu go to:

Retarget Anim Blueprints > Duplicate Anim Blueprints and Retarget 

  • Select your skeleton, for me it is Rand_Skeleton
  • Replace ALS_ with your chosen prefix, for me it is Rand_
  • Change folder to your Animations/Base, for me that is:

Click on Retarget.

Click on Save All.


9. Creating your _CharacterBP

In Content Browser 1 browse to:

Content > AdvancedLocomotionV4>CharacterAssets>Blueprints>CharacterLogic

In Content Browser 2 browse to:


Drag the ALS_AnimMan_CharacterBP into Content Browser 2 and drop it there, selecting "Copy" in the pop-up menu, then rename it:  Rand_CharacterBP


10. Editing the _CharacterBP

You want to open the Character BP and delete the items that I have marked with red in the top picture to the right. Then connect the Parent: Tick node back up to the Update Held Object Animations node, so that your Blueprint looks like the second image.

In the main nodes panel you are deleting:

  • Everything inside of the purple Toggle Mannequin Mesh comment box (and the box)
  • Update Coloring System in the Event Tick comment box, then reconnect the nodes on either side of it by dragging from one to the other.

Then in the My Blueprint menu on the left you are going to delete:

  • Coloring System
  • Colors

11. Construction Script

Open the Construction Script window.

You can either click on the tab Construction Script at the top of the Blueprint panel or if you do not have that there you can open it in the menu on the left side of t he screen under the Functions menu.

Delete the last two nodes (outlined in orange below).


Compile and Save

The image to the right shows how the compile icon will look before and after you have compiled your changes.


Go to File on the main menu and Save All

Next >