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Days Gone

Index to the Days Gone pages on this website.

Days Gone is an 2019 single player action adventure game made by Bend Studio as a Playstation exclusive release.

The game features an open world environment and a strong story that is woven into the game, and unlocked in sections by completing the main mission. Additional details about the story can be found by looking for micro recorders scattered throughout the environment and by listening to conversations between non-player characters at encampments.

The main character of Days Gone is a biker turned bounty huner named Deacon St. John. Deacon and his friend, a fellow Mongrel biker, are struggling to survive in a world gone to shit.

The main enemy of Days Gone are humans that were affected by a virus that has left them twisted and highly aggressive. Known as Freakers, they appear to have reverted to a more feral condition.

Other enemies encountered are fellow survivors who ambush and attack outsiders and drifters like Deacon. There are a few encampments where Deacon can find merchants and mechanics to resupply his ammo or find parts to upgrade his bike, but those encampments are distrustful of drifters like Deacon and will need him to help them out if he expects their help.

Overall Days Gone is best suited to players who enjoy the challenge of outwitting their enemies more than the pure run-n-gun of charging into a group of enemies with an assault rifle. Strealth tactics and careful planning can help overcome even massive hoards when racing in guns blazing will likely result in Deacon’s death.

You can buy Days Gone at Amazon.

About Bend Studio:

Bend Studio has taken its time working on Days Gone, leaving a lot of people wondering who they are. Some other games by Bend Studio include:

The Syphon Filter series

Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the PS Vita.

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